SONS Call BS with #NeverAgain video ‘Marco’

Instant hard hitter, ‘Marco (What’s Going On) goes straight on to 2018’s Essential Rock Tunes list. A raw opus at decibels that deals with huge issues of our time including mental health, it soundtracks a short film by videographer, Graham Cullis.

Dynamite double, SONS, have done it again, a freaking boulder sized TUNE. “No things will not be the same again, oh no we’re never the same again, not when Marco is done”.

This audiovisual unleash comes in an age of the “news” being scripted like a horror movie. Cowards (so called adults) who are inflicting this stress on the world, are hiding behind weapons and lies.

Youth is articulately calling their bullshit. Thinkers of all generations are realising that we need to talk about many things to start putting things right. Armed with such inspiration, and with soundtracks like this, we the people, stand tall.

Since new year 2016, SONS have spiralled and viralled into one of the UK’s best alternative new prospects. Something to do with creating message laden, 21st century rage anthems. Having been in TheZineUK story from early days, gigs are visibly madder and moshier with every show. Theres a lot of love for this band.

New video:

TheZineUK were repping at the Cool Thing Records night in the East End recently (an Essex Sussex so sex sandwich) with Asylums and Suspects), where the live footage in live favourite, ‘Marco’ was captured by video director, Graham Cullis.  He says; “The Message in this video is primarily to promote mental health illness awareness and how we need to cure the mind to help prevent tragedy that often occurs due to  ignorance of others dismissing the people that need help.” Read the full statement via the above YouTube.

With a t-shirt touting fan base of party rockers swelling, on more than one occasion, SONS have been likened to a British Nirvana for their classically honest sound. A heavy, “trio-sounding” duo (courtesy of their unique DIY set up). They deserve all the success due. Check ALL the band’s previous releases. Hopefully ‘Marco’ will be an official single at some point.

Brighton’s punk soul brothers, Lee (guitar, vocals) and Nick (drums, backing vocals) Meldrum have had a roller coaster story so far. Radio gurus Steve Lamacq (BBC 6Music), John Kennedy (Radio X), Alex Baker (Kerrang!) and Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1) are on side, as are an array of sussed, high profile, multi media and landmark club night, This Feeling, who have rightly made SONS one of their Big In 2018 bands. Below, Graham is capturing live shots for the video in March’s glorious East End riot of a gig.

Always ones to support their musical peers (the lads have travelled up from Brighton to London for more than one of our own music socials), SONS are not ones to shy away from telling it like it is. They debuted with the riotous ‘Reptiles’, increasingly relevant, anti establishment truths for singing and jumping along to like our lives depends on it. Actually, maybe our lives do depend on as many good hearts speaking, rapping and singing out out, as possible. 

SONS are timely. In 2018, mainstream showbiz and media alike are waking up to the united KIN-dom of Britain/Ireland’s ‘Rivers Of Love’ explosion and it’s possibilities of a better future for us all.

Giving us a fighting chance, this best-song blessed music movement in decades has especially mushroomed since the exBrit of Brexit. Guitar bands (yeah, that’s right, get in a small venue) are building on foundations of home grown arts power that Urban and Electro sounds have laid beautifully. Connected by words, we ALL Bring The Noize. Especially when #EnoughIsEnough

Noisy Funs, live, with SONS, for your good health;

April 2018

28 Liverpool, Invisible Wind Factory (WRONG Festival 2018

May 2018

06 Cardiff, PWER Festival

17 Brighton Alt Escape Festival at The Great Escape (Kick Out The Jams/Benumu present at The Black Lion – TheZineUK are a co-promoter, full line up and times)

24 London Nambucca, Some Might Say party with The Slumdogs, The Strawberries

July 2018

01 Camden Assembly, Benumu Sunday Sessions

August 2018

Sheffield Cafe Totem, Bring It On Down night with  Teef, The Velvet Hands, Muffin

More shows t.b.c.

For ticket links, SONS news and more info:

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