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Sun soaked into the strings of their electric guitars Spinn set the tone for a hazy summer of serene Saturday afternoons with their debut self-titled EP. Sparkling synths and blue-sky melodies wrap you up in a lackadaisical romance with their quintessentially Liverpool dream pop sound.

‘She Takes Her Time’ is sweet; youthful optimism woven into the lyrics, blissful harmonies leaving you love drunk and dizzy. All pulsing drums and guitar lines like a contagious smile Spinn lift your spirits and leave you reeling before they lower you into the oh so slightly melancholic ‘After Dark’. This bittersweet story is heartache bathed in streetlights on the long walk home, strangely soothing its the kind of song you could drunk dance your sorrows away to at the end of the night.

The confrontational ‘Who You Are’ leaves you smirking with somewhat less tender lyrics than the rest of the EP.

You know as well as I know, that I love it when you don’t talk
I’ve heard it all before
I see through you.

With the jangly guitars of The Cure and lyrics akin to a young Morrissey, ‘Who You Are’ Jagger dances its way around the room somewhere between a mellow daydream and a slap in the face. 

The highlight of this EP however is the closing track – November. Captivating, cool and caressing, its slow start lulls you. Singer Johnny’s dulcet tones endearing you, drawing you in, tender lyrics and low, longing bass notes entwined, holding your hand as they guide you to the center of sentimental. Seemingly hesitant and the suddenly awash with feeling, a tempo change leaves you in the deep end, swirling in a whirlpool rush of emotion, hypnotised as the song shoots through the haze, blooming into a twinkling daydream that leaves you longing to listen again.

There’s a warmth to this EP that washes over you within the first few bars and stays with you long after the last note has resonated round your bedroom, reverberating off the walls

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