5 May; BENUMU’s best buzz Band-Holiday Bash!

Pink Cigar, Couples, The Shantics, Chile, James Numbere and a creative audience of music lovers, makers, movers and shakers.  It’s an eclectic and ALL acclaimed bill, 21st Century Top Of The Pops style, so come early and miss none of the fun.

Saturday 5th May 2018, London Town. What’s Not To Love?

6pm to 11pm live music mini fest and networking social in the backstage bar of Amersham Arms.

Easy travels, the venue is visible from New Cross Station (5 minutes journey from London Bridge/10 minutes East London Line from  Shoreditch). 

388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY theamershamarms.net

Entry (free via details at the facebook event) or only £5 on the door, includes admission to the after-party until 3am Sunday morning!

24 hour transport. Buses stop outside the venue, a minute away outside Goldsmiths and 24 hour tube travel is five minutes walk away at New Cross Gate Station.

We always make a new chapter at each music social and are chuffed that Benumu have partnered with TheZineUK for their event. If you document anything this evening, please do tag @TheZineUK for shares etc. Welcome to a rapidly developing (situationist) tale of new music movements.

Below; Huge bluesy rock n roll show alert. Pink Cigar are in town and it’s gonna get loud and filthy like a Saturday night in New Cross should! benumu.com/artists/pink-cigar

Meeting Benumu? (via Kick Out The Jams promotions), it was meant to be! One minute we were rocking out as #TheMusicPeopleParty began. Before we knew it, we were on a megabus to Cardiff for a gigging adventure. Two days later, we were at Benumu’s packed to the rafters Sunday Social at Camden Assembly, where we fell hard for Couples (below – their live recording video for ‘The Party Line’ kicks off our #TGE18 video playlist). 

After only three such successful events, Benumu Sunday Socials have become the Camden Market after party and have led to much more. 

Benumu promote artists, but are not Event Promoters. Their shows are to raise awareness of Live / independent / Grass Roots / DIY music and what Benumu.com is doing to connect us all. It is very important for them to pay the artists as they very much respect the art form and want to reward them for their skills. This is the foundation that the site is built on. Artists and Audiences alike.

Come along on 5th May and Be Part Of The Nu Music Revolution. Please note that the  Industry on the Benumu site do not include Pay-To-Play “Promoters”.

Step away from the hostile “real” world in what passes as the “news”, into a welcoming music social that celebrates our 4REAL world. Bring your dancing game because James Numbere is going to put such a huge smile on your face. Connect in advance at benumu.com/artists/james-numbere

“In a world of dodgy wheeler dealer promoters, BeNuMu shines through as an amazing new platform that genuinely cares about supporting new and developing acts, promoters and venues.

The social media platform is completely free, easy to use and bridges the gap to help those in the industry just starting out, opening up possibilities such as booking out of London shows and securing performance slots otherwise reserved for labels and major booking agents.

The uplift from the shows my band have had from playing BeNuMu’s shows is incredible – they have been able to secure press opportunities and exciting shows that would never have been possible without BeNuMu’s help.  I feel lucky to have been invited to work with them from the outset, as this is just the beginning of an exciting new platform, providing hope in and amongst a wash of small venues closing and major promoters closing in on DIY shows.

BeNuMu has been instrumental to developing my band in the last few months alone, and they are a pleasure to work with!” (Maggie Salisbury, manager of Couples)

Perfectly put.

The impressive, international electro pop beats of Chilè (‘Rhythm Of Joy’ video below) are killing it on line and dance floors alike. Yes, you really can see them for free, it is an all-tips-line up for Band Holiday Weekend, after all! https://benumu.com/artists/chil%C3%A8

Ethics and social inclusion at all levels from DIY to major names on the wave length, , We are all forging a newer wave of music industry and media to get deserving talent to the next level. In turn, this cottage industry creates employment and educational opportunities. The testimonials are pouring in and it’s only early days (p.s. some Benumu artists will be at this event so cool promoters/bloggers hope you make some new friends either in person or via the site!)

On behalf of Katalina Kicks – a band’s perspective, working with Benumu was an amazing experience! Great venue and sound, amazing organisation and communication, from booking to aftershow. We were looked after so well on the night too. I would highly recommend that all bands and artists sign up for a Benumu page (it costs nothing and takes 5 minutes), get some great exposure and then play one of their shows!”

The Trusted add; “We were early adopters of the Benumu platform and after a busy year of over 85 gigs, recording and working real hard to get noticed – Simon (Williams), his team and the Benumu website have really delivered in terms of getting us better gigs, better connected and getting us seen!”

The Shantics will be celebrating their Star Wars Day release, ‘Stevie Nicks’, at this show. Check out previous release, ‘Mind Pop’ (above) and connect with the band in advance via benumu.com/artists/the-shantics

Massive thanks to Jono and the gang at Music Complex (back line) musicomplex.co.uk/ and Andy Palmer and the gang at Amersham Arms.

In the mean time, Benumu‘s reputation has won a stage at Alt Escape, the official partner of The Great Escape Festival, on 17th May, headlined by Iggy Pop’s favourite newer wave rockers, False Heads. Another of the bands playing for Benumu on 25th May, The Velvet Hands, are currently Album Of The Week on Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show. With both bands integral to the tapestry we’re weaving, you couldn’t make this up. You can help create it though. The Heart Of Underground Live Music, In 2018, Is Pulsing into the overground. 5th May. Be Here!

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