Camden Rocks in an extra rocking year!

Camden Rocks Festival is Britain’s biggest one-day, multi-venue, rock-n-roll party.  200 Bands, 20 Venues, One Ticket! It’s gonna be sick sick SIX this year. Saturday 2nd June will be all day to early hours of freaking fun, fan fever, friendly frolics and fantastic festivity. 

Newly announced, Brighton’s global alt rocking duo, Blood Red Shoes say; “We’re excited to play Camden Rocks for the first time and share a stage with the legendary Public Image Limited”

Their festival set at The Electric Ballroom is only one from a few handful of shows that they will perform in 2018.

Yet again, this year’s event contains a healthy dose of TheZineUK team’s faves in the mix of Maximo Park, Bugeye,  Lucie Barât,  Sisteray,  Saint Agnes,  Asylums,  Urban Voodoo Machine,  Blackwaters, The Professionals,  False Heads,  British Sea Power,  Sikth,  Towers Of London,   Hands Off Gretel,  Danny Goffey,  The Kut,  Rews, Twin Atlantic,  Eliza & The Bear,  Tony Goff & The Broken Colours,  The Soap Girls,  Dead!,  Carl Barat (DJ set at aftershow) to name but a few. There’s SO  much more! 

Hot bands, cold drinks,good times with over 1,500 musicians and 8,000 music fans soaking up the carnival atmosphere of London’s colourful and quirky “band land HQ” NW1 postcode.

Remaining tickets (and fullest info) via – You get access to all the shows, and a free festival programme / clash finder when you pick up your wristbands. General sale tickets are £39.50 + booking fee, same as 2017. Love of music, not money, first. A refreshing change in a greedy world. 

There’s even a bonus event for late night / early morning rocking revellers to let off any remaining steam on the dance floor, rub shoulders, and come down from it all – a festival aftershow at Koko from 11pm-3am (£10+ booking fee) via the above link which will also be posting stage times for the different venues, nearer to the time. 


#StageStyle footwear brand, Dr Martens, have announced exclusive intimate sets at their store, by Mallory Knox and The Rifles

Ticket holders can sign up for the gig via the Dr. Martens Boot Room website (for details of all their shows)  before 24th May  via

In the last few years, especially, punky underground counter culture has been it’s most necessarily creative (and therefore exciting) for decades. This is becoming increasingly evident. 

Camden Rocks Festival has played an integral part in capturing the mood (also in always having female musicians represented, other fests take note!). 

2018 has been raising it’s game from day one, this day will be a calendar landmark.

The relentless ambitions and hard work of the under radar scene’s genuinely global prospects are paying off on the fan winning front. 

Take one of our fave futurepicks; the furiously punked up and clued up False Heads

Iconic names of the music world are alongside the rising newer wave music industry and media in tipping their furiously slamming boulder of live sound. 

You can see False Heads, “the future of guitar music” (GigSlutz) before the biggest tour of their career, so far, this Autumn.

With so much high calibre entertainment, Camden Rocks Festival is a bargain. It’s Austerity Age Smart for a virtual theme park where, in every size of venue, of high profile circuit acts, exciting newcomers and rising stars all on one bill.

Take The Kut who muchly impressed us a couple of years ago, and just keep getting better. The band are celebrating their newly released ‘Valley Of Thorns‘ LP and are on a massive tour so their festival set will be extra celebratory with it being Top 10 – No.7 – in the UK Rock Albums Chart and Album Breakers Chart ,as well as in the Independent Album Top 20! “A kissing cousin of Hole” (Q Magazine). 2pm at The Monarch.

In the year that even Financial Times are noting the renaissance of guitar bands, 2018 is set to be a vintage year for Camden Rocks across London’s Rock’n’Roll capital for 24 hour noisy-party people. 

Pssst, below, catch lively hit after anthemic hit punk nutters, Blackwaters! Can not recommend their youthfully exuberant star shaped presence enough. p.s. You’re welcome!

One of the bands in the FT’s article on “The New Wave Of British Guitar Bands” are Sisteray, back at Camden Rocks Festival by requested return, they are also regular faces of this locality – often seen out in support of their peers, when not staging events for and/or with them. 

Political musical activists, Sisteray are a one band scene cottage industry. Since last year’s festival they’ve hit  the Alternative Charts, played Reading Festival, done so much more and are currently making their mark across sussed radio with perk and pertinent new single, ‘Algorithm Prison’ (Vallance Records – video below) as word about them keeps spreading. 

Sisteray’s 2016 riot at this festival was a cover of TheZine’sUK picture story. Their 2017 one became a video. Be at their 2018 to be part of what happens next.

Another cover band of our unfolding music movements tale, the ever essential Asylums have also earned yet another return to Camden Rocks Festival just before they release a sizzling follow up to one of the best debut rock albums ever; ‘Killer Brain Waves’. 

The second Asylums LP; ‘Alien Human Emotions’, (6th July via their DIY, creative as fug, Cool Thing Records collective), is already being picked up by fresh followers, festivals and fervent multi media (including new single,When We Wake Up‘ (see video below) which is on the Kerrang! playlist). 

Asylums are awesome alien humans. They look and sound like one of the galaxy’s biggest rock music passions. They definitely deserve to be.

Over the last few years, especially, Bugeye‘s reputation has been on the rise for their entertaining and engaging disco punk mini-fest live show. 

Fantastic reviews in the taste maker indie music press, sold out shows uniting every kind of background, plus radio airplay from luminaries such as Steve Lamacq, are helping bring them to wider attention, as is their DIY activism and articulation. 

This feisty, female fronted trio want an uprising so come down, jump around and Wake Up! (They will headline iconic British music culture location, The Good Mixer, at 10.30pm).  

Above are just a few personal faves, and the great thing about the day is that everybody’s will be completely different great fun. No wonder it sells out every year in advance. 

If you can be there, we hope that you have a good time, all the time! Who do you recommend, tweeters? @CamdenRocksFest @TheZineUK

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