Boy Azooga live at Rough Trade

Rough Trade East, Friday 8th June 2018

‘This is the coolest place we’ve ever played’ says a grinning Davey Newington, singer, guitarist, songwriter and driving force of Boy Azooga, ‘And it’s making US look cool ‘.

Well, the Rough Trade East shop definitely IS a cool venue, and tonight the aisles between the CDs and vinyl are packed with fans keen to see the Cardiff band, and pick up a copy of their much-anticipated debut album; ‘1, 2 Kung Fu!’ (Heavenly Records) which was also released this day.

Boy Azooga’s sound is an eclectic mix, with references and influences ranging from the Beach Boys to the Beastie Boys. 

Songwriter Davey played almost all of the instruments on the album and has said he wanted to create a kind of ‘mix tape’ with each song contrasting but complimenting the others.

Davey is joined by bassist Sam Barnes, Dylan Morgan who plays guitar and keyboards and drummer Dafydd Davies, who Davey tells us is ‘the best drummer in the world’!

‘We’re going to play some fast songs, so get down the front and boogie!’.

The band’s enthusiasm is infectious and the front rows are soon dancing to the funky bassline of ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ and the catchy pop of ‘Loner Boogie’.

The band recently made their TV debut with a great performance on the illustrious ‘Later… with Jools Holland’, and are playing live through June, with festival appearances over the Summer before a headline tour in October.

With Radio 1 airplay in the bag, interviews with the NME, jamming with the stars on Later.. and releasing an album on Heavenly Records, I’d say Boy Azooga are pretty cool already.

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