Get Ready to DROOL!

Singer/Writer, Joey Rogers and Drummer, Martin Söderin (formerly of VANT), struck up a serendipitous conversation in an East End café. Having known each other for five minutes they decided to form a band and get Louis Greenway (Guitarist) and Joe Bennison (Bass Guitarist) to complete the line up. Bang. DROOL.

This evocative alternative rock quartet, deftly mix 80’s post-punk, 90’s grunge and 60’s melodic structures.

That creates a unique sense of simultaneous familiarity and originality. 

DROOL’s sound may span and fuse decades, deriving from their love of Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Pixies, Nirvana and the post garage revival of The Vines and The Strokes. Yet it manages to sound new and fresh. 

That rapid band formation only happened in new year 2018, but reactions are just as instant, and DROOL are already pricking up ears.

Reputation has earned the band a show at a couple of landmark rock n roll venues for scouting rising stars. They’ve already played Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge and Camden Dingwalls. 

Catch DROOL Live at these London shows;

28th June at the psychedelic influenced ‘Fell In Love With A Psycho’ live music event at Nambucca

Click here for line up and details.

2nd August at Camden Assembly. A 14+ show with Idle Frets and (underground stars from TheZineUK story), The BarrattsClick here for line up.

Promoter friends of ours, one for you? This band made TheZineUK sit up with an expansive rock sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a gothic cathedral with acid trip coloured stained glass windows. Be prepared to drool over DROOL  | |

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