Our Newer Wave Music Industry Future

In Britain, Crime “governs” but Grime rules. 

The rock’n’roll underground add to the DIY power with a new vision of music  industrious passion creating new possibilities in Entertainment, Economy, Education and Social Collusion.

While the Hate Island of Hostile Tory Brexitannia obsesses over the self obsessed on Love Island, there is additional fun to be had in the small venues that the Vulture Culture of gentrification are killing off.

This week feels like the next step – away from dystopia to far from utopia, but definitely and positively something else.

Example. One year ago, our story didn’t contain Modern Age Music, Kick Out The Jams and Benumu. 

One month ago all three repped with official events at The Great Escape Festival’s awesome Alt Escape. 

There were so many mover shaker faces packing their events. 

Annual key Alt Escapers from our tale, End Of The Trail, were mobbed with the likes of Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq all weekend, again. 

People climbing over themselves and still unable to get into Avalanche Party!

Many people had a #TGE18 wristband / delegates pass but chose to spend most of 17th-19th May at the free entry/no wristband required scouts gatherings. 

It’s just one example of our documentary’s stars swelling influence as it creates, revolt like a megavolt equaliser.

There are icon and cult potential artists (and already gigs and songs that will be remembered in twenty years time, at least.


The supporting cast of audiences, independent labels…

DIY media, keen eyed photographers and videographers…

The social inclusion and melting pot fusion…

The word power of poetic hearts, the street chic of romantic hearts…

In 2005 London won the 2012 Olympics under a Labour government. 

A day later, there was a bombing, sadly we have found that unspeakable tragedies also make us stronger. 

In 2010, questionably elected a different terrorism began, so many lives lost to callous CON cruelty. 

We are in darker times than even Armageddon could imagine.

Who knew the end of days would be so fake and stupid?

How on EARTH beautiful people are forming bands and making friends in Austerity, nobody knows. 

We need them.

BritainIreland’s global reputation for entertainment (HUGE economy) is of such a high standard. 

Our next Adele, Stormzy or Radiohead are going to come through with the support of the industry and the recognition of music’s importance to the fabric of our civilisation. 

So called politicians should be asking bands and other life long children, school age upwards;

“how we can aim for Danny Boyle’s NHS and culture loving vision at the 2012 opening ceremony?”

I use #NewerWave to find and follow the involved in the music industrial revolution that has been happening, especially in the last few years. 

Maybe it’s no surprise that by 2013, three years into tory misrule that supernature instinct kicked in. 

TheZineUK became an idea in the backstage bar of the Amersham Arms.

In 2014 both Music Venue Trust and Independent Venue Week were also born.

TheZineUK started down our yellow brick road in January 2014 on Tin Pan Alley (Soho R.I.P.) with punk, art, poetry and loads of friends who bring our situationist performance theatre to life. 

That Spring, Chapter 1 of the picture book was uploaded. 

The rollercoaster in our pages has woven a surreal tapestry of hope ever since. 

Best of all is the healthy rivalry as support for what their peers is doing, urges creatives to further heights. 

The 90s may have been influenced the 60s and 70s, but what the 21st century is blessed with, is the best escapism from our dystopia with artists who would have fitted right in 40 or 50 years ago.

“Seen it all before”, some will sneer. 

I must have missed last time the working class gate-crashed festival line ups while nazis were condoned by the establishment.

I ain’t seen nothing yet, and I’m no spring chicken.

Gotta stop now, I only want to write 666 words.

23 June 2016 Brexit

23 June 2018, onwards Sex it!

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