#Patstonbury, 17 August in Tunbridge Wells


A night of music and frivolity


Friday 17 August in support of our friend, Pat Pope

Tickets are £10 each, and on sale now via http://bit.ly/patstonbury

Known for his amazing photography work (and sense of humour), Pat Pope had a massive stroke recently.

He  was saved by an immediate operation, and is coming on well, but it’s going to be a long recovery. 

His family have started a Go Fund Me campaign https://www.gofundme.com/patpope

This is to raise money for his care going forward. 

There is a lot of love, fondness and respect for Pat in the British music industry, and beyond, so there had to be a convention of like minded care.

There will also  be the above mentioned fund raising event.

You don’t need to have known Pat personally to attend.

I guarantee that if you are able to be at Tunbridge Wells Forum on 17th August, your heart will be warmed.

If you are skint, and can not attend, or can not donate to the Go Fund Me campaign, then please help to spread the #Patstonbury word.

The event is seeking offers of artists to perform at the event. 

Pat has photographed, managed and played with hundreds of bands, from the very small to some of the largest names in modern music.

David Bowie, Massive Attack, Suede, Slaves, The Prodigy, Garbage, rock zones, war zones, you name it, Pat’s lived it… heck Pat’s image of Dido even hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

See patpope.com for a taster.

From national press articles to record sleeves and more, Pat Pope’s imagery has helped to define colourful aspects of the modern British Music history, visually.

A personal favourite; Pat’s “plane overhead” image of Hounslow kids, The Bluetones, was taken early days before they topped the charts with their debut album, ‘Expecting To Fly’, back in the day.

Fast Forward to 2018 and it’s still an eternally cool shot, capture a moment of “Britpop” rising.

The band have recently toured, appeared on Vintage TV etc and are still a festival favourite. Their songs as timeless as Pat’s Pictures.

Another band that Pat was on board with, early doors, are Radiohead. The first time that I met Pat he was photographing them for the ULU Student Newspaper.  It wasn’t going well, at first, but they often worked together over the years. We laugned a lot.

This image of Thom Yorke is from a session for Melody Maker. Weekly music newspapers. It was a think, kids.

By then, the band were so relaxed with him that it seemed perfectly natural for Jonny Greenwood to start giving Thom a hair cut right there and then. Pat just kept snapping. A fun memory of many, at home and abroad.

Pat’s 21st century family portraits are a thing of beauty, like the other artists, he kept developing his work.

The bands are still themselves and Pat is still Pat, legends one and all.

August 17th is about friends of Pat coming together to raise money to support him.

It will be an evening full of reminiscences, stories, and mostly it will be about Pat’s future. Get in touch via the FB event for fuller involvement. It will be special.

There is a belief in magic at TheZineUK.

Pat is more than just part of our story. Eternally grateful for his support. Despite being a snapper to the stars, he kindly let our tiny doc include his images from Venues Day 2015.

In more fun times, our tapestry weaves in Pat on stage singing with long time matesMark Davyd (Music Venue Trust) and Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) at the Bowie night, Tunbridge Wells Forum in 2016.

It was only a few weeks ago that I last saw Pat before a trip abroad.

We were at the Manic Street Preachers Wembley Arena gig having a Star Wars Day to remember. As usual, chuckles were involved. A great night was had.

I come back to the UK and it’s all change for Pat, as it could be for any of us, any day. Even if you don’t know Pat, I hope that this event is something that you will think of. If you’d met him, he’d probably be your friend, too. Friends make all the difference. “Without people, you’re nothing” – Joe Strummer.

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