This Feeling TV – Now We Are 6!

Coming soon to a screen near you, Red Stripe presents This Feeling TV episode 6. 

Miles Kane and celebrity TV presenter Laura Whitmore join the show’s host Gordon Smart of Radio X, for the TFTV’s informal and revealing conversations. 

By demand, Tom Grennan, who appeared on the first show, is joined in live performance, by Sophie and the Giants (recently on tour with Trampolene). We are super excited that The Surrenders hit this episode, it’s been a pleasure watching the bluesy rockers bloom in front of our very eyes at a series of events over the last year or so. 

With a dearth of music TV in the 21st century (is rock and roll BANNED from day time viewing, or something?), TFTV has been a saviour and an eye/ear opener, simultaneously. Thank feck Red Stripe and This Feeling are here to bring alternative rock thrills, with a punky energy, back to attention. 

The authentic gigs make all the difference to stuffy, stand with your arms at your side, gawky TV studio tapings. We’re actually having fun, and allowed to express it. Not just saying that. Zeenagers have been at EVERY show.

The crowd is loaded with musical aces and creative world faces. The DIY underground have our own Almost Famous celebs thanks. Gigs around the nation’s cities are star spotting central these days as a wealth of names hit the radio, festivals, blogs etc.  It’s a red striped parallel dimension where love is the law.

Also Free Tickets heaven, TFTV is giving something back to music fans.

“This Feeling are once again putting their magic where their mouths are and giving kids with guitars the chance to shine on the screen with This Feeling TV” – Blossoms. Around 600,000+ views, so far, of guitar band renaissance speaks for itself.

Check out the who’s who involved, at all levels of legendary, by subscribing to the growing number of people getting first views and free tickets to Red Stripe presents This Feeling TV shows via the channel /thisfeelinglive

Headliner of Episode 6, Tom Grennan is a friend of the show/scenes and standout breakthrough act of 2017.

As previously mentioned, Bedford born and bred Tom, appeared on the first ever episode last April. Since then, he has enjoyed a meteoric rise through a number of smash singles. With big things expected from his eagerly anticipated first full LP, ‘Lighting Matches’ (July 6th) . It’s an absolute privilege to welcome him back to the TFTV stage.

Also lighting up the stage are fast up and coming outfit, Sophie and the Giants.

The Guildford band’s experimental indie has already began to win them fans off the back of their recently released debut single ‘Monsters’ which has also become a firm-favourite among Radio X DJs.

Rounding off the bill are The Surrenders. TF Video introduction;

Straight outta Gornal, this “rock n roll, blues n soul” gang are building a credible reputation for their big bold classic rock delivered with energetic power.

Miles Kane is busy on tour and also in demand at the festivals.

He drops his new LP Coup De Grace on 10th August.  2018 is a key year; “It’s been five years in the making, a lot of emotion and excitement has gone into making this album”. Perfect timing and a definite coup for This Feeling TV to get him right now, then.

Stay tuned to and to catch the action. No hype, just (Red) Stripe . Exciting adventures in new music.

Psst! – Red Stripe presents This Feeling TV is part of the Newer Wave Industry/Media shaping the British and Irish Entertainment Industry right now.

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