Veins’ and ‘Crawl’ – the self created and unleashed debut single by Where We Sleep emits delicious dark waves of futuristic pop.

Coming on with a thrusting beat like 1980s Duran Duran gyrating on a pole with Lady Gaga, ‘Veins’ is warm colours in sound and vocals over a driving groove.  Brief, bold, very now, and hooky with the potential for a clubtastic remix.

‘Crawl’ conjures up an ice-age-bringing star ship landing, then a parade of magnificent aliens cat walking down the ramp into battle. An industrial game of throned ambience pervades this song and fires up imagination.

Conjured fantasy aside, this multi faceted single is a superb, doubled edged slice of electro; alt pop with dream-scaped imagination boosts. 

It sometimes feels imagined that the last few years have been building up to 2018’s wealth of great new music. What a time to be alive, in all the best and worst ways possible. The fake news age of “reality” needs authentic times audio to soundtrack escapism.

The newer wave of music talent, audiences, support, industry and ideas is built on very firm foundations.  This  single is a highly credible statement of intent. Wake Up to Where We Sleep!

Available Now via iTunes, Tidal, Amazon andhttps://wherewesleep.bandcamp.com/releases or Stream on Spotify 

Get involved; facebook.com/wherewesleep/ | https://twitter.com/Wh3reWeSleep

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