“Kill Your Darlings” Children Of The State debut with a killer EP

‘Kill Your Darlings’ is a trip. It’s way out there. An aural magical mystery tour.

As introductions go, this EP instantly tune laden and accessible, but definitely alternative and laced with lysergic notes and tones. 

The musicians, Children Of The State,  are a peyote punk outfit from the shires. 

Derbyshire and Yorkshire to be precise.

John McCullagh – Vocals/rhythm guitar, Nathan Keeble – Backing Vocals/lead guitar, Conor O’Reilly – Drums, Corey Clifton – Bass guitar.

Image by Duncan Sandelind Stafford

Their ominous name is derived from both what Kim Jong Un calls the people of North Korea and what the FBI dubbed the Manson Family in 1960’s Hollywood. Aptly named, their music provides a pulsing back beat to the stark dystopian reality of modern British life.

Children Of The State were were seeking suitable studios for a while then we bumped into the Nathan from the Fat White Family in Sheffield. He mentioned that Fat Whites had just started their own studio in the sticks. The rest is future.

After sending over a few demos,  they visited Champzone which is across the road from Sheffield’s most famous brothel, ‘City Sauna’. This recording experience really pushed the band out of their comfort zone (and, they say, “shattered our egos haha”), the results are something pretty special. Impressive. “We’ve experimented with drum machines, strings and xylophones on this EP and we hope you like it!”

Sheffield is a hub of hubba hubba right now and a leading location in Britain’s newer wave of music movements. They are ejaculating over the nation’s collective scenes with this debut EP, ‘Kill Your Darlings’. Produced by Nathan Saoudi of the Fat White Family, engineered by Jack Howorth of Mysteron, mastered by Dean Honer of The Moonlandingz and sounding like the 1960s and 70s beatniks time travelled to sounding fresh in the 21st century.

The individual songs offer a wonderful and frightening glimpse into the world of the Children of the State, from the strung-out electronic psych trip of the title track ‘Kill Your Darlings‘, the abrasive Damned inspired ‘Miss America’, the Celtic folk-waltz of ‘Tomorrow We’ll Drift‘ and back down to planet earth with the apocalyptic slow jam of ‘The Afterglow

‘Kill Your Darlings’ is available from 13th of July on Spotify, itunes, Amazon etc.

Children Of The State play at this year’s Tramlines Festival Fringe (Crystal Stage) in Sheffield the following weekend – links and updates via https://facebook.com/childrenofthestate69/

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