Track Not Found, essential new band on tour.

A new band that pricked up our ears in February, Track Not Found are three girls from the quaint isle of Guernsey who make distinctly un-quaint music. Emma Thomas (drummer and vocalist), Grace Tayler (guitarist and vocalist) and Maisie Bisson (bassist and vocalist) united in early 2016 and started gigging at the end of June. Fast forward a year to Summer 2018, and they are about to hit the road. (My, how this tapestry weaves. The band’s 10th August London show has been moved to cool Camden venue, The Unicorn where the fab DecoloniseFest fund raiser happened)

Heavy sounds with fuzzy riffs, driving drums and eclectic vocals, Tom Girard of BBC Introducing described them as combining “elements of grunge, riot grrrl and the kind of power-blues Jack White has made his name with.”

After nearly 20 gigs in 2017 (a lot, when you’re from a small island with only a couple of music venues), they had developed in confidence (and colourful angst!) and released a remarkable debut EP The Only Way Is Lost’ in December. The follow up single, ,‘Science (Gone Wrong)’ in April 2018, was played on BBC 6 Music Radio. Now they take another step on, having already made their mark.

Maisie Bisson by Elliot Mariess

Track Not Found were discovered by a Guernsey organisation called Sound who run monthly nights for under 18s and more opportunities for contemporary young musicians on the island. They also provide mentoring, grants for equipment/recording and any support possible.

The band’s hard work ethic and tireless involvement with this charity, including mentoring themselves, has created an expanding community. It has also become a safe place for girls to find solace and express themselves. 

Emma Thomas by Elliot Mariess 

Many of Track not Found‘s audience have shared the band’s journey from shy 14 and 15 year olds taking to the stage for the first time to being instigators of the mosh pit (and Sound‘s first export). 

Perfect timing for a tour as the DIY, newer wave, rock movement that weaves TheZineUK’s tale is in full effect this year as the mainstream have started taking a look. It’s happening everywhere, it’s important that is recognised.

Grace Tayler-by Elliot Mariess 

This is yet another exciting story of uniqulture in ACTION. Between the band and organisation they’ve raised money to tour, bringing their live set of youth powered original rock to a wider audience, where we have a strong feeling that they are going to make a lot of new friends.

 Video: Live (bootleg audio) of ‘Science (Gone Wrong)’

Fresh, feisty, fab, FUN FuturePicks which TheZineUK wholeheartedly recommend:

27.07. – Gringos, Norwich – Punk4 The Homeless

28.07. – The Sumac Centre, Nottingham, Punk 4 The Homeless

31.07.  – Belvedere Inn, Weymouth

02.08. – Livewire, Saltash

03.08. – Loud Women, Golden Lion, Bristol

10.08. – The Unicorn, Camde London (approx 8pm)

11.08. – The Shooting Star, Southampton

We hope this gang have the best adventures!

Image by Andrew Le Poidevinnd Andrew Le Poidevin

Image by Andrew Le Poidevinnd Andrew Le Poidevin

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