NEW! In The Club – MY BABY

Psychedelic Dutch-Kiwi trio MY BABY have returned triumphant from a blistering set at Boomtown and we are delighted to unveil the video for their track ‘In The Club’.

It is the first single from the sonic sorcerer’s upcoming fourth album, due for release this autumn – a lysergic mashup of Bluegrass, Disco, Funk and Trance, as if sung by Dolly Parton on mescaline.

The kaleidoscopic video is inspired by the 1920s flapper girl aesthetic, merged through frontwoman Cato van Dyck’s hypnotic vocal control:

“The club is a place where you escape to, a sort of purgatory”, explains lead guitarist Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston“it symbolises a faltered version of an ideal”

Watch the video here:

MY BABY’s sound uses live guitars, drums and vocals without the aid of computers or samples, fusing aspects of Shamanic Chants, Blues, ancient Folk, 70s Funk, Afrobeat, Moroccan Gnawa, Indian Raga, all transcending perfectly into contemporary dance beats, deftly delivered by drummer Joost ‘Sheik’ van Dyck.

MY BABY are gaining worldwide notoriety for their eclectic blend of roots-driven dance music. Catch them next weekend as finish off a round of major UK festivals this Summer:

August 2018

24 Shambala Festival, Northamptonshire

25 The Great Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne

26 Sunday Sessions, Sheffield

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