Calva Louise – I Heard a Cry

London based trio, Calva Louise are back, releasing their fourth single. 

‘I Heard a Cry’ contains an upbeat riff, a thumping leading bass line and to top it all off  is Jess’s beautifully diverse vocals; she can cross from harmonies to shouting effortlessly.

For those of you who’ve never listened to Calva Louise before, they’re style is a wonderful blend of punk, grunge and pop, creating a sound that’s both loud and angsty, but also very fun. ‘I Heard a Cry’ in particular seems to lean towards the pop with its levels of energy. In fact, their Spotify describes them as ‘Bubble gum punk rockers’, a phrase which I think perfectly described the new track.

The short 2 minute track is packed with energy and quite frankly just makes you want to grab a load of mates together and have a dance. 

I, for one, am incredibly excited to see what’s in store for Calva Louise. For a band with such a defined, upbeat style and the ability to put on a captivating performance live, they surely have a bright future ahead. 

Listen here.

Fancy the live experience? 

Calva Louise are supporting label mates The Blinders on their upcoming tour limited tickets available here!

More Calva Louise?

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