Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Album Review

There’s that old saying, that “youth is wasted on the young”. Well that’s just it, it’s an antiquated saying that is not relatable to any of us right now. That saying means that young people don’t give a shit, can’t contribute to positive change, or are happy to take stuff lying down. The last 4 years alone has proven to be quite the contrary. Along with the legends returning to celebrate anniversary albums, we have emerging artists breaking through at a rapid rate, and we have artists that have been consistent in their musical delivery, climbing higher and higher. The common denominator, is that their musical delivery and messages are resonating on a deep level.

One of those people is Sam Duckworth, the front man of Get Cape.Wear Cape. Fly. Sam is already a favourite of The Zine UK, and also made an appearance in the video about the final days of the Astoria before it closed, which was filmed and produced by our very own Heather “Minx” Ferguson via Minx Media. 

Sam is back with a deluxe edition of his quintessential 6th studio album “Young Adults”, originally released in January this year. It’s a beautiful poetic mashup of observing society, politics and people through the eyes of those that feel lost, disillusioned, betrayed at times but still manage to have an optimism that the light is always there if we look hard enough in ourselves, and the loved ones around us. 

The very first track “Adults”, is all about a semi desperate need for validation of feelings and thoughts about what is going on, and being skeptical about what the media presents as news. “Man 2 Man” describes someone living through the same routine without much thought, but still plodding along as best as they can and having high hopes for change. It’s about making a choice to take a new direction, step into the unknown or perpetuate an illusion by continuing doing the same things through and envelopment of fear. 

“Scrapbook” is a short heartfelt tale of losing some of the fundamental qualities of yourself, by getting caught up in adult responsibilities, losing touch with the inner child and missing the people that encouraged the vitality in our lives, and being so carefree and full of hope for the future. I feel this track is like a semi pause in the album; to just stop and think and remember what it was like when you’d grab every chance and moment of happiness without guilt or shame. 

“Animate” is definitely one that I can see people singing along to at the live gigs, with their arms in the air singing “Hold the line, we’re just burning through time”. This is a song for those you hold dear, the friends that have been with you through thick and thin. 

“Try” hits the nail on the head: how can the place that was once home, entice you to stay when you experience a system with a glass ceiling? It also ties in with getting caught up in social media and not being to filter out the hysteria that’s probably by others on there. Of course, as the title says, even if you don’t feel uplifted by current events, situations, it is still worthy to have some optimism, because it’s better to try than live a “half lived life”, which is actually more soul destroying in the long term. 

Overall, Sam has yet again shown how consistent he is at taking people’s thoughts, feelings and outlook on what’s going on around us, and turning it into an art that many can relate, sing along to and nod their heads in agreement. Even if you haven’t listened to his music before (..though I highly suggest you do), if you’re someone that’s tuned into current events, our government, society as a whole, there will definitely be a couple of tracks that resonate with you. 

In this deluxe edition, Sam has given fans a bonus disc, compiling of live versions of some of the songs he played at some very memorable gig dates this year. He’s also added a few from when he took part in “Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings III” and a somewhat spiritual homecoming at Southend’s SS2 venue.

If I had to (attempt) to encapsulate the message Sam is trying to get out there, it’s simply: don’t give up, check everything before you’re certain it’s true, love and compassion for yourself is a primary importance and remember you’re not alone, there are those that love you and want to see you do well.

GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY. – ‘YOUNG ADULT’ – DELUXE EDITION – Out 28th September on Xtra Mile records.

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