In Depth: Blaenavon Interview

Indie rock story tellers, Blaenavon, are hectic!

They headline small venues and previously un-played towns, on tour in October, with sneak previews of new music. There is a bold follow up to their 2017 debut album, ‘That’s Your Lot’., in the wings. They start 2019 at major venues with The Wombats. Before all that, they took time for an interview for TheZineUK at one of their festival appearances.

Interviewing Ben, Harris and Frank, who make up the band Blaenvaon was an interesting experience, very polite and rather shy, you wouldn’t believe it was the same three lads who appeared on stage later to deliver a fierce, rock and roll performance.

Here’s what they had to say in a sit down interview with Elly Bailey and Juicebox lead singer, Thomas Muckian.

Elly: “You guys just got here, are there any bands playing today that you want to go see?”

Ben: “We wanted to see Marika Hackman but her set was cancelled (due to the weather), and we would be seeing Pale Waves right now if we weren’t doing interviews, but it’s alright because we can hear it.”

Frank: “Who’s headlining today? Catfish? We’ll probably watch that. And Jamiroquaii are headlining tomorrow?”

Harris: “Really?!”

Ben: “Yeah, we’d probably have watched that if we were staying.”

Harris: “We have a five-hour drive home.”

Elly: “Are you big festival goers, anyway?”

Frank: “No…”

Ben: “I go to quite a few festivals, I used to go to Green Man every year, End of the Road…”

Elly: “Do you have any thing special planned for your set?”

Ben: “I wish I could say yes, how sad is it to answer that question with a no? We’re playing a new song, which is quite cool.”

Thomas: “I saw you, Ben, play at the Burberry House a few months ago and you played a new song there, which hasn’t really been mentioned since, is that the song you’re playing today?”

Ben: “That’s not the song we’re playing today but that is on the record. It’s got a string quartet on it. It’s quite BritPop, a bit like a mix of Blur and Oasis.”

Elly: “You just mentioned a new record, when will that be coming out?”

Ben: “Spring 2019, it’ll be a good month of a music I think.”

Thomas: “You guys last year played a tour with Alt-J, playing arena shows, how’s it going from playing there to playing your own headline shows in venues like Shepard’s Bush?”

Ben: “It all still felt pretty big to be honest, Shepard’s Bush Empire is still a pretty big venue. The arenas were fun, there’s a big stage, so you can do more running around.”

Frank: “The people are much more far away.”

Ben: “And now we’re going back to playing to grassroots venues like The Boileroom in Guildford.”

Elly: “Anything you want to tell your fans?”

Ben: “Thanks for being so supportive through what has been quite a difficult year.”

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