Jekyll – ‘So Wrong’

This quartet from Blackpool, are making an undisputed impact within the industry in only a short space of time!! They made serious headway performing at the Great Escape Festival; bringing in such a crowd that they played twice. Other festivals they have been at include Tramlines @ Sheffield, Blackpool’s Rebellion

Punk Fest, and Liverpool’s Threshold just to name a few.

Their latest EP titled “Jekyll” has been receiving critical acclaim and notice from the likes of John Kennedy at Radio X, and Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio 6. The EP has been released by the label “Fierce Panda Records”. Now if you’ve been following us at The Zine UK for a while, not only are we big fans of Fierce Panda, but they are consistent and picking out the right talent at the right moment, with bands like 485c and The Caress, Jekyll are very much in good hands.

Their latest single “So Wrong” (recorded at Steel City studios in Sheffield) carries an infectious riff, chorus, rhythm with lyrics that are delivered with a haunting, but powerful punch. Definitely channeling the sounds of Ride, Radiohead and Nirvana and even psychedelic tones that’s associated with bands like The Velvet Underground. 

The video of the single is simple but very effective, as it allows the song to take centre stage and like the lyrics, it reflects the image of delving in the dark corners of one’s mind, and coming face to face with those shadowy desires, becoming disconnected from the self and using that realisation to rise from the ashes anew. If this single is anything to go by, we’ve only just started hearing the potential that this band can deliver. Never mind Dr Henry and Mr. Edward, there’s nothing duplicitous about what this group can deliver…. Till the next single!

Upcoming gig dates:

September 28th Liverpool – Sound Food & Drink (EP Preview Party)

October 6th Manchester – Gulliver’s

October 20th Manchester – Whiskey Jar

November 2nd Blackpool – Bootleg Social

December 8th – The Good Mixer

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