Review: False Heads Less is Better EP

False Heads have been the name on everyone’s lips in the past few months. An enigmatic, fast-paced rock and roll band, who’s music oozes contagious energy, there was no doubt that their latest EP Less Is Better was going to follow suit. Released digitally on 21st September (vinyl’s and CDs are on sale 5th October), the four-track EP demonstrates lead singer and guitarist Luke Griffiths, bassist Jake Elliot and drummer Barney Nash’s extreme talent, and why they have gained support from the likes of Iggy Pop and Danny Fields. 

While Retina was released back in February 2018 and has become one of the boys most known songs, more recently the single Yellow was released, on August 24th. 

The first track on the EP, Yellow sets the tone for the rest of the songs. Luke’s rough and ready vocals rip through the slow verses, creating a gradual build up for the sudden hit of the chorus. It is a classic tune that is definitely going to be a crowd favourite at gigs, (watch out for the mosh pits!).

Second up is Retina (EP version). With a grungier sound then the other songs on the EP, the captivating bass lines and riffs are something you can’t help dancing to. Introducing the phrase, ‘Less Is Better’ this song was a perfect taste into what else to expect from False Heads when it was released in February and continues draw in fans and allow the band to really rip riot at their live shows.

Closing the EP with the last two songs, Help Yourself and Wrap Up, these songs continue on the save path, but are more stated rock songs, their music creating an anarchy of punk, with tireless drumming, gritty riffs and heated vocals. 

For ‘Less Is Better‘, False Heads have managing to capture the energy and essence that make up their live shows and put this into a beautifully chaotic EP. These boys live show is something that you won’t want to miss and will really bring together why they are one of the most exciting bands in rock and roll at the moment. 

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