The Wonder of Old Swing

Sparkling and sentimental, London’s Old Swing return from a string of UK dates to release their second single Wonder. 

Following the release of their debut Time, Wonder takes Breakfast Club drums and champagne synths twisting them into the last summer song of the year.  With contemplative lyrics it’s a little wistful, looking back on an old flame, picturing them as they move through life without you, hopelessly wondering whether you slip into their daydreams too. 

With self-destructive undertones disguised by vibrant instrumentation and a rising melody, this song describes futile desires.  There’s a sense of curiosity which singer Luke Goodall hopes will resonate with his listeners.  

Despite having only two releases to their name Old Swing are already proving their talent for writing ear-worm melodies to raise you up no matter how melancholic or self-indulgent a subject matter they have chosen to explore. 

Their melodies linger and their lyrics remain floating round your mind as you stumble back through a campsite in the dead of night, leaning on your best friends, arms thrown round their shoulders, laughing and giggling along.

All grass stains on your dress and glitter like a kaleidoscope in your peripheral vision. You’re lost to the last night of the fair, just humming along.

Sonically akin to the likes of Blossoms and The 1975, Old Swing sound like a summer festival slot about to explode into a cloud of dark fruits and sequins. Soft vocals splashed with reverb, lull you in and out of a hazy afternoon, drifting towards the last night of the heatwave. 

You could purchase the single on iTunes

Or head down to the Old Blue Last to hear the real thing on the 26th of September.

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