Berries – Discreetly (Review)

When I think of the bands that are rising up the ranks with consistency, BERRIES is most definitely one that comes to mind. Everywhere they play, they pack out the room and dazzle everyone new and old and they have been dazzling far and wide this year, playing in Brighton at the Alt Great Escape festival.

On October 3rd, Holly, Lucie and Lauren released their latest single “Discreetly”. Their signature sound is so confident, and in this track with their pulsating rhythm and precision. It carries an incorporated flavour of punk and grunge, but also carrying the spirit of the defiant distinction that emerged in the late 80s/early 90s. The vocals are in perfect harmony, setting the foundation for the story, while the syncopated rhythm from the drums sets the tone to deliver sweet aural pleasure.

The message in this song is clear: if you compromise yourself and what you have to offer the world, it’ll distort your perception. Not only that, following your own path will bring uncertainty, but don’t let the ego put fear into overdrive and hold you back. Keep following your path, despite the fear without attachment to expectation. It’s vibrant, it’s resonant, nothing is held back in this song. The song was produced by Steffan Pringle, who has also worked with Himalayas and Estrons.

Speaking of which, they’re supporting Estrons in a future gig in Brighton soon. Double the female power right there! All in all, there’s nothing discreet about what this trio can deliver with their delectable music. We’re already anticipating the next single!

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