FREAKOUTS – Downers: Review

Downers, the latest single from Guildford punk rockers FREAKOUTS, is everything you want from this band and more. Lead singer, Charlie’s vocals rip through the mash of heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums, creating a frenzy of musical chaos paying tribute to the punk bands that have come before them. 

Made up of Charlie – lead vocals, Otto – bass, Kyle – guitar and Jack on drums, FREAKOUTS have been making their mark across London, and can be found screaming into microphones and frequently throwing themselves into drum kits. They are a leading voice in the underground punk scene and have gone onto support rock legends, The Damned.

Downers is just another example of their ambition and their desire not to fit in, to go against ‘the norm’ and to do it all without even trying. 

With a clever moment of silence cutting through the song, it comes back in even louder and heavier (if that’s even possible?), and will have you picturing kids throwing themselves around to this song, creating mosh pits at gigs and going mad for this band. 

Loud, intimidating and talented with live shows that create bedlam, there’s a good chance they’ll end up being the band that parents will hate. But as previous punk bands have gone to show, what the parents hate, the kids will love, promising there is a big future out there for each of these boys.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out Downers below:

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