Kick Out The Jams is winning and one!

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Congratulations to live music promoter and new music industrious mover shaker, Roger Kent of Kent and his merry gang of music essential community. Since October 2017 Kick Out The Jams has staged some of the buzziest gigs for new music.

In it’s first year, this was an official highlight of The Great Escape Festival. Many music lovers with official #TGE18 wristbands hung out at KOTJ’s (co-promoted with various other influencers) free entry Alt Escapestages. Every showcase was packed from start to finish. Along with fellow scouting, connecting and promoting peers –  End Of The Trail and Modern Age – it felt like the Newer Wave stepped up for more recognition.

Ding ding! Year two kicks off on 2nd November with an intimate Friday night where it all started; Tunbridge Wells. Under radar rebels – Sisteray and Bugeye – on a golden ticket line up with Alibi. The latter have been described as “one of the best things to come out of Hastings since…well, since 1066!”. So, of course, if you want to be there, hurrying is advised

Sisteray just sold out the legendary as it gets 100 Club in London for Music Venue Trust‘s Central London Venues Day 2018 show, as part of the triumphant ‘Sisteray Said‘ EP tour.

(Authentic) independent label Top 10 chart artists, they are are about to hit the road again. This has been their biggest year to date and it’s far from over!

Fellow punky festy faves, Bugeye are also on a roll.

You couldn’t swing a hello kitty when they played Kick Out The Jams launch of The Camden Mix Up in September.

Their latest single ‘Is This Love‘ is an earworming radio hit, deservedly so. 

The band aren’t resting on their sparkly laurels, as new single ‘Disco Dancer‘s is released on 7th December. Bring on your bug eyes! 

A few tickets are left for 2nd November’s event. Click here.

Not only are Sisteray and Bugeye ring leaders of the guitar band riot spreading like wildfire in the nation’s small to medium venues, but they are also the heart of it, inviting other artists to the party and promoting their peers to anybody who will take note. Their collective musical activism is in the soul of newer wave from political positivity to putting the quality in equality.

This story couldn’t evolve without true bands to believe in, like this. Now scroll down and check out the 2017-2018 #KOTJams Alumni for some more, and join the party.

#TheCamdenMixUp has taken the vibes to a new level. Sponsored by Rotor Videos – one of the KOTJ collaborators – it’s a free entry monthly social of creative movers, shakers and mad music scene makers that is out of it’s mind/this worldin all the best ways. Fans were coming from around the country for the second one this month for these Massive Saturday nights. It’s true that this latest wave of guitar bands calling in is building a whole new level of iconic for The Good Mixer, already a central location for Britpop, Amy Winehouse etc as well as Camden, London’s music world capital.

The first year of Kick Out The Jams already reads like one helluva festival line up. Don’t miss out on whatever happens next! Socialise on Facebook and Twitter! The following is inspired by the incredible artwork of Patrick Dighton from a #TGE18 poster.

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