M O S E S making (and parting) waves.

Anthem loaded foursome, M O S E S, are viralling as music fans hear one of the best new bands, courtesy of their brilliant single, ‘Cause You Got Me’, produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies). 

As for their live presence… WHAT A SHOW! The future looks bright.

Left to right; Rory (guitar), James  (bass)  Victor (vocalist) and Matthew (drums) photographed by Mike Rădulescu.

They have nothing in common with the saviour prophet, other than great performance. Well, part the waves music world, MOSES are coming through. When a virtually unknown band are such an uplifting live experience that people message them to please play again, then they are potentially unstoppable. That happened this summer.

Above image from the show is by Chris Patmore.

On July 7th, responding to those requests, MOSES started a new journey. TheZineUK were in the crowd at the first step (Water Rats Theatre for This Feeling Club) anticipating the rush.

The band were a little nervous (bass player, James, had one rehearsal before the show).

We were excited (it’s MOSES, we’d seen them before!) and at the front of the stage as the DJ’s volume went down and they came on stage.

No nerves necessary for this back-with-a-bang show but they definitely got the adrenaline flowing.

The audience’s attention was won within a verse and chorus from the very first song.

Guitar bands are SO alive, and so are the music fans that dig them.

Half an hour of wild licks, melodic tight riffs, rhythm section dance power and an *impossible to ignore* singer made scenes.

Their collective drive and delight had the room jumping and chanting rowdily along with them, to songs that most of them hadn’t heard before. The live set really is that hooky.

Those that were here specifically for them, were far from disappointed.

As chords to the powerfully emotive, ‘Waiter‘ began, one of the UK music movement’s most sussed scouts, photographer Alan Wells, made that face that regular gig goers experience as meaning TUNE!. Oh god, yes.

After cheers for the set had died down, MOSES still looked a little shook up by the happiness they’d just inspired. An industry insider said  he “could see them on the main stage of Reading Festival”.  We agreedIfthat statement seems far fetched, go to a gig and decide for yourself. 

These lad have a fair amount of fans at TheZineUK, from early days. Already weaved into our tale, we can’t wait for their next tour. 

MOSES have ridden a roller coaster of highs and lows to get to what feels like the next chapter, this Summer.

Their eponymous EP in Autumn 2016 ‘Leave Leave Leave’ / ‘Low’ (Crosstown Records) introduced some serious attention.

The band’s arsenal of infectious, hooky rock anthems and engaging live presence make new friends with every show. 

In Summer 2017, a single, ‘King Size’, launched a label for the nationwide club, Propaganda. It earned BBC Radio, Virgin and Radio X airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens, Annie Mac and John Kennedy. 

2017 was their first festival season including Reading and Leeds, Download, Kendal Calling, 2000 Trees, The Great Escape and Camden rocks. A growing reputation means MOSES also opened for the likes of Feeder, Ash, The Enemy, Frank Turner, The Virginmarys and Jimmy Eat World.

In 2018 they found themselves on the red carpet for the Tomb Raider movie. ‘Cause You Got Me‘ is on the soundtrack.  All surreal times for a new band. From April they cocooned away to face their back story challenges, then get back to songs they believe in. With art. The image for ‘Cause You Got Me‘ is by illustrator Ana Ban Ana.

“Life’s not always as you imagined.

It might be harsh or it might be blissful.

It might tear you apart or rise you up above the skies, it might infuriate you or just fill you up with peace.

But never as planned.

Just remember that all the emperors are right there, waiting at your door.

With miracles and beautiful mistakes that will forever keep you going. No matter what.”

(‘Joy’ by MOSES)

This is when their small, but determined following, messaged them to come back and play.

The band revamped, rehearsed and re-ignited.

Two days after the above mentioned July show in Kings Cross, ‘Cause You Got Me’ was played by Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1. MOSES played a charity show for Mental Health awareness at the end of  July. Audiences are becoming a rocking choir! (excerpt, below, of ‘River Thames’ at The Lock Tavern) with every gig.

August started with a trip to Manchester. Could MOSES make an impression to a room of complete strangers on a new bands night? The answer is yes. A swathe of the city’s taste makers were in the Night & Day The kind of venue that makes me feel at home” says the city’s multi talented legend, Dave Haslam, and conversing with the band after the show as new friends.

MOSES will be back,  for sure. 

on August 28th, with around 1,800 monthly Spotify listenersMOSES released the single (Rock Art Records). In five weeks it has viralled to over 100,000 listeners and many more streams.

Played on USA’s massive ‘CBS Good Morning’, ‘Cause You Got Me’ has also received support on BBC Radio 1 and 6Music, Radio X and Amazing Radio in the UK, as well as an array of international independents. The band aren’t into numbers and algorithms, but it’s still good to know they’re being heard and shared.

Following a frenzied #Fightback show for Music Venue Trust at the Heavenly Social, the video was uploaded with lyrics mid September. Directed by film maker Simon Baker, (who just made the ‘Our Town‘ short for The Labour Party) ‘Cause You Got Me’ already has a swell of public feedback that speaks for itself. Incidentally, check out the trailer for Simon’s forthcoming movie ’90 Minutes sound-tracked by another of the band’s live favourites, ‘Low‘.

MOSES have found their mojo for the next level on their own terms. They have another fantastic single coming, new songs demoed, videos scripted, tour dates pencilled and are rehearsing that all important and instinctive live presence. Armed with an arsenal of ambitious, arena-worthy anthems and the seeds of a diverse, dancing following (plus a calendar for 2019 forming), This must-see-experience are ready for their first headline tour. Soon.

https://facebook.com/MosesOfficialPage/ | https://instagram.com/mosesofficialpage/

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