Manchester gets LOADED!

Autumn brings many things, changing leaves, colder weather, and in 2018, the launch of Loaded, a new recurring event night for you Manchester music lovers  out there!

Hosted by Oddity Events, the night is made up of three bands with DJs after playing your favourite indie tunes ’till 3am. An opportunity to find your new favourite band (and maybe even an opportunity for you musicians to find a gig), Loaded is a night of dancing, fun and celebrating one of the music centres of the world!

After their huge launch, yesterday (October 1st) which featured The SlumdogsCavana, and The Scrubs, it is clear that this night is going to become a big feature in the Manchester nightlife.

It provides something new and a place where people can go to meet like-minded people. And to top it off… entrance is only £6! (e.g. £2 per band)  and that doesn’t even include the hit DJs that will be playing.

People view Manchester as the music capital of the UK, having produced artists such as Oasis and The Stone Roses, and Loaded could be the place where you first see ‘the next big thing’. All music fans are looking for their, “I was there,” moment and who’s to say this couldn’t be at Loaded? The bands they pick are talented, charismatic and are just about to hit it big, so why not go see them while you can still afford to?

FYI: Loaded are hosting The Blinders Official After-show on the 15th October at Night People

We’ll see you there? 

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