The Fertile Environment – Music’s newer wave!

Newer Wave; the no nonsense, non scene. Key photographers, Keira Cullinane, Sandy K. Moz, Tarquin Clark and Lorna Cort portray rock’s renaissance in 2017 Part 2. With around 100,000 reads/views of our picture story, so far, groups and individuals develop in front of your ears and eyes. Diary snapshots by Caffy, as the tapestry weaves. Under radar activism has “already created a 2020 vision”

As fascism becomes normalised in propaganda’s “media”, our game changing soundtracks of rebellious unity grow mightier. The “News” can feel like mental abuse, but there is a light side, The Music. Essential medicine for a nation with diverse entertainment in its eccentric DNA.

Music – venues, music lessons, libraries – being shut down like they are a plague. Even when education is obviously so necessary. We have a multiverse where our stars twinkle harder without fame. Humans need arts for balance, and civilisation – every available background included, for endless creativity. Until the last community space is turned into more social cleansing fuxury – escapism from increasingly harsh reality is therapy.

DIY’s passionate belief creates positive possibilities. With clothing and instruments sometimes held together by gaffa tape, a ridiculously high calibre of talent, still blossom in Dystopia. They sew the seeds of collaborative cottage industries. We, sing and dance together, and interact on line, documenting as this tale unfolds.

Under radar: stressing but impressing we are living a simultaneously poetic, romantic, comic and tragic, musical magical mystery tour.

The establishment can shove their hostile environment up their austerity hole, the children of the (r)evolution deserve a fertile environment.

Art x Beat – follow these adventures to a 2020 vision: Ms Mohammed, Idles, The Blinders, Will Blanchard, Abbie McCarthy, SHEAFS, Wolf Alice, Sisteray, Bruno Wizard, The Cosmics, Katie O, MOSES, Queen Zee, Manic Street Preachers, Haus, Trampolene, Danny Brown, Asylums, Lucie Barat, Paul Draper, The Velvet Hands, Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs, False Heads, Bang Bang Romeo, Mourning Birds, Blackwaters, Edith Bowman, Vibes Only, Emily Capell, Strange Bones, Gavin Monaghan, Joanna Wang, 485C, John Robb, Pink Cigar, Fierce Panda, CABBAGE, Smiley & The Underclass, Black Honey, SONS, Eugene Ankomah, Radiohead, The Surrenders, Yola Carter, Edith Bowman, LIINES, Shame, Stefflon Don, The Assist, Tom Grennan, Calva Louise, Music Venue Trust, Hussy, Marmozets, Yola Carter, Himalayas, Frank Turner, This Feeling, Arcades, Jordan Allen, The Shimmer Band, The Caress, Paves, 1403, No Hot Ashes, Judas, Yonaka, The Snuts, Sundara Karma and a supporting cast of music industrious mixing suss, hard work, healthy competition and lucky breaks. 

Click here to flick through TheZineUK’s latest picture story – Huge thanks to the Artists, PRs, Promoters for the entry and access for our skint creative endeavours.  What happens next is even more unbelievable.

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