The Surrenders Tell It Like It Is…

“If you’re going to be fucked you might as well have a party on the way.”

Cheeky, fun and playing a guitar wherever they went, The Surrenders, made up of Connor, James, Rich and Scott, are a bundle of energy. These four guys are loving life and enjoying every moment and every opportunity that comes their way.

Elly : “How’s this year been for you?”

Connor : (laughing): “It’s been absolutely awful, from start to finish…”

Rich: “…The start of the year I had no bags under my eyes, now I have baggage…”

James: “…Nah, it’s been good man.”

Elly: “What’s been your highlight?”

Connor: “Personally for me it was Y Not festival, but I know you guys will say differently.”

Scott: “It was grim. Well it was a good festival but we had about thirty people staying in a six-man tent. “

Elly: “Are you guys fans of festivals?

James: “We’re festival fans, but each festival brings a different special memory for me.”

Connor: “Isle of Wight was good.”

Scott: “For Truck festival we only went for the one-day so we didn’t really get to experience the festival in whole.”

Rich: “Was Isle of Wight where we were watching Kasabian with Peter Crouch?”

Connor: “Yeah, Peter Crouch man, he was moshing for Kasabian.”

James: “He’s a party animal, he is.”

Rich: “I started whispering into his ear that he was my childhood hero…”

Connor: “Rich doesn’t even play football!”

Rich: “…and that he’s an inspiration to all lanky people.”

Elly : “Are you guys enjoying the support from This Feeling?”

Connor: “Yeah all the festivals we did were through This Feeling, it’s like having the supportive parent I never had.”

Rich: “It’s confusing because Mikey can see something in us that none of us can see”

James: “It gives us a platform to produce our music on a wider scale, which is good because otherwise we’d probably be stuck in our hometown playing in our local pub.”

Scott: “It gives us the opportunity to see different cities and meet new people, and that.”

Connor: “To be honest sometimes I feel a bit lucky.”

Elly : “You’ve just released ‘Maybe There’ll Be Blood’, a dark name, pretty dark artwork, but the song itself is pretty relaxed, though features dark lyrics…”

Rich: “It’s about the uncertainty of the times we’re living in. Britain itself could be headed towards destruction. Or maybe we’re not.”

James: “It’s that juxtaposition of the state of society right now, everyone um-ing and ah-ing about what’s going to happen.”

“If you’re going to be fucked you might as well have a party on the way.”

‘Maybe There’ll Be Blood’ (recently premiered by TheZineUK) is out now.

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Words and image by Elly Bailey

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