Going DIY with Allusinlove

“The worlds shit and it’s getting divided – let’s stand for unity.” 

An incredibly strong statement from Allusinlove made with the announcement of their return.

Previously named Allusondrugs, the Leeds based band have been working in secret for the past year on brand new material. Unfortunately this means all tracks released under Allusondrugs have been removed off streaming platforms; goodbye ‘Sunset Yellow’ and ‘I Should of Gone to Uni’… You will be missed!

But times are changing, the band is progressing and sacrifices have to be made for their rebirth- cue Allusinlove.

The band allowed some fans early access to their new music by direct messaging them on social media.  Cutting out the middle man and getting music straight from the artist creates a personal connection between band and fan, as well as effectively making use of modern day technology; 21st century DIY at its finest.

Allusinlove have created a beautiful sound, blending psychedelic with grunge and punk. ‘All Good People’ perfectly pairs hazy guitars with raw vocals.  ‘Bad Girls’ is my personal favourite of the new tunes, thanks to the alluring, driving, fuzzy riff running through out. The chorus of ‘Full Circles’ offers a trippy echo effect, cementing their hard edged punkedelic sound. Lyrically, they focus on love and sex, so the name Allusinlove represents them well!

‘Lover I need A Friend’ sees an intro with an electronic edge, modernising the hippy-ish vibe presented in the slower track.

Totalling at just over 16 minutes, the four track EP is an incredibly strong foundation for the bands exciting comeback!

Follow Allusinlove here: ALLUSINLOVE

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