Healthy Junkies have ‘No Control’.

For their recent fourth album, Healthy Junkies have paid homage to their punk and grunge influences from the 70s and 90s. The first single from the record is ‘No Control’.

From the off you are tuned into a vibe echoing the Ramones, Joy Division and Republica. Regulars at Camden Rocks with support slots for The UK Subs, The Professionals, Sham 69, GBH and The Rezillos, the band are defining their own sound.

Parisian Nina Courson and guitarist Phil Honey/Jones present themselves like a mix of The Damned meets Shampoo but hold their own in a copycat world.

No Control is about, well, just that; the lyrics revolve around standing up for yourself and fighting for individuality. “I went to the doctor and he told me to take some pills/He said I’d be better a nice little normal girl,” spits Courson, with a serious distain. She sings of being patronised, misunderstood and on the receiving end of blatant sexism while visiting the doctor. Is this an attack on mental health services or a feminist call to arms? Whatever the case, the raw energy of the song, produced by Jonathan Jacobs of Ventura (Ricky Wilson, Steve Harley, KT Tunstall), begins from the first riffs and builds to a fiery exploding chorus with lashings of reverb and crashing drums.

The Healthy Junkies new album, Delirious Dream is out now via Banana Castle Records/Cargo Records UK and the band are touring across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the west coast of the US over the next few months.

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