Lacuna Bloome find their way on tour.

The #AliveTour2018 is exploding! Photojournalist, Elly Bailey, grabbed an interview from one of the tour star turns, Lacuna Bloome, before they headed off and prior to the release of their new single, ‘Find Your Way’.

The youngsters on the scene, Lacuna Bloome are a Brighton based indie pop band, made up of Noah (drums), Molly (bass), Sam (guitar), and Niall (guitar and singer). 

About to embark on the This Feeling Alive tour, this for them is the biggest and only proper tour they’ve ever played. While sitting down with the band, it just so happened to be guitarist, Sam’s 21st birthday, who later on was presented with a cake by the This Feeling team.

Elly : “GigSlutz describe you guys as: ‘beautiful, lo-fi indie pop’ – is this an accurate description of your sound?”

Noah: “Yeah it’s pretty close.”

Sam: “Not so much lo-fi, but the other stuff, yeah.”

Elly : “You’ve played a few festivals with This Feeling and are about to do the tour, were you aware of the platform before you were invited to start playing shows with them?”

Sam: “Yeah we were. Niall and me went to the Brighton date for the Alive Tour last year, it was wicked, Blackwaters, Bang Bang Romeo and The Shimmer Band. We definitely did not expect to be on it the next year.”

Elly: “I had a scroll back on your Instagram and it appears you guys started early 2017, is this right?”

Sam: “Yeah, Niall and me were in a band just outside of London, and then moved down to Brighton and started a new project. And it was a different line up initially, and Noah and Molly joined the band about six months ago.”

Molly: “I joined more January and Noah joined closer to summer.”

Noah: “Yeah I joined just before Isle of Wight festival, that set was my first gig with the band.”

Elly: “As you just said, you guys are from Brighton, is there a local music scene for your style of music?”

Sam: “There’s so much going on, but because of that there’s not one big scene, it’s all kind of separate.”

Niall: “I think the scene we’re kind of going towards is outside of Brighton, more London based.”

Elly: “You’re about to release a new single called ‘Find Your Way’, and so far have released no teasers for it, does it follow the same style of music as your previous release?”

Noah: “It’s better.”

Sam: “It’s the one we’re most proud of.”

Molly: “It’s definitely the best one we’ve recorded so far.”

Noah: “It’s the first one I’ve recorded drums on.”

Sam: “So it must be better! We’re excited to show it to everyone, it’s kind of the direction we’re going for, and it’s being released during the tour, so we can promote it while playing live which is cool”

‘Find Your Way’, the next single from Lacuna Bloome will be out 23rd November.

Words and image by Elly Bailey

Check for ticket availability, the Alive Tour 2018 is selling out all over the place…

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