Rotor Videos celebrate good times with a gig.

Rotor Videos and Kick Out The Jams stage an enjoyable gathering of  artists, media and music industrious starring J. J. Rosa, The Velvet Hands and 485C

Newer Wave Rock beats Above The Velvet hands, below 485C.

485C and The Velvet Hands have grown from sizzling seedlings at our music socials into outstanding career potential with acclaim and achievements under their collective belt already.We enjoyed ambitious new songs and tracks from their phenomenal debut albums ‘Party’s Over‘ and the eponymous ‘485C‘ – in the intimate Ministry Club studio.

Many names in our story’s are leading the renaissance of revolutionary art that is about to hit. Fun is fundamental. With our culture, respect for all talents are due. Guitars included. Get in a small venue,  you might just like it. After all, it’s only rock and roll…

This night felt timely.

We were celebrating ethics and affordability for creativity.

This Newer Wave is a hive of audiences, technology and promoters, united and conversing.

There were familiar faces in the house. Musical peers of the three (all tipped hard) live performances. Some of those faces were instrumental in the Britpop explosion of the 90s. They know what’s what. The current youthquake are in their mix.Pictured; Saskiaand Monefa are part of all this.

Benumu, were introduced into TheZineUK story by Kick Out The Jams. After meeting them at The Music People Party 2017, Simon Williams,  Alla Dokashenko and Afis Ajibike. Benumu will hopefully be at this year’s gathering on 4th December. They’ll definitely be part of January’s Spotlight 2019 Festival month with Camden Assembly. Uniqulture is in action.

Rotor have made over 200,000 videos already. A straight forward concept – low budget, little time, high quality, much reaction at – definitely worth celebrating!

With thoughtfulness and ethics back on the menu of new ways to “business”, the future already looks bright all over again. Thank you Rotor/KOTJ for the good company and kind hospitality, on and off stage, and more…

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