We won’t FALL ASLEEP waiting for The BIG JOANIE LP!

The fantastic Big Joanie demand your attention with instantly classic earworm single, ‘Fall Asleep‘ produced by Margo Broom. Released this Autumn as a taster for their forthcoming debut album, ‘Sistahs‘ (30th November), it is just a brilliant song, verging on perfection. ‘Sistahs‘ will introduce the ‘Daydream Library Series’ from Eva Prinz and Thurston Moore‘s Ecstatic Peace Library publishing house. Daydreams x Ecstatic Peace? Yup, that’s TheZineUK story/magic wish list. 

Click through to the video (filmed by Andew Northrop and – ” Holy Ye Nuns Batman” it’s blessed with Nitty Gritty stardust) for single and album purchase links:

Leave your preconceptions at the door. Welcome to more of the Newer Wave’s bona fide rock n roll inspirations. 

Image : Ellie Smith Photography

Central to our thriving DIY scene, 21st century Riot Grrrl punx, Big Joanie have toured and performed extensively (and played the UK’s Afropunk festival.). 

The album title, ‘Sistahs’ epitomises their inclusive activism and belief in sisterhood.

DecoloniseFest instigators and all round uniqulture (equity for equality) purveyors, these sisters ain’t just doing it for themselves.

This is a rock n roll band for anybody/any generation who wants to get inspired or re-inspired. Just ask Iggy Pop who has been playing them on BBC 6Music!


TheZineUK story: We’re tenacious. Although we couldn’t get Big Joanie for our ArtBeatFest Expo in 2016 (still can’t get that image of Debbie Smith playing her guitar with the deux furieuses framed picture outta my head!) we have the DecoloniseFest bug ((2017 and 2018 triumphs, 2019? GET INVOLVED poc, get along everybody!) We rounded off 2016 believing (still) that “you can never have too much positive power” at the fundraiser and already look forward to whatever happens next for Big Joanie and all that sail with them.  This vintage Black rock chick says “hell YEAH”

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