2019 FuturePicks The Music People; on and off stage

The Music People Party started 2019 early  with MOSES, The Cosmics, The C33s and Luvia (live) and host, Peggy From Earth, thrilling a (packed from start to finish) Camden Monarch. 

“Amazing night!” (Terry Tyldesley, Kitmonsters)

Victor of MOSES let’s a rocking choir (the crowd) sing the band’s songs to them

Lisa Perry captured these live images from the event.

Image : Erin of The Cosmics – bewitching and dynamic.

Mover shakers united, while mixing local scenes. 2017 invited Cornwall, Yorkshire and Wales. This year Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton joined the party.

“Super fun night last night with The Zine UK team and friends. Laughter, dancing and hits. 

What a flawless line up” (Dizzy Spell, TheZineUK Editor)

The Newer Wave have diversity in their DNA and social inclusion implied at their events.

Every set was picked for songs, performance, engagement and brilliant buzz – so that the audience could have the best time. Feedback so far is THRILLED.Image : Erin of The Cosmics – bewitching and dynamic.

“What a night TheZineUK put on at The Monarch absolutely ace bands and a hoard of fantastic people there.” (Alan Wells, Photographer, Tour Manager, Girls At The Rock Show etc.)

More images facebook.com/thealanwells/

The recent ‘New Music People of Rock n Roll‘ article was proved tonight. Youth power, without the cliques, is the way forward. “Such a great night” –(Louise Schofield, Unique Lullaby, filmed interviews between sets). youtube.com/uniquelullabytv

Along with TheZineUK posse, some faces from this story are involved;

Anita Maj, Sisteray, Elliot Hale (Vallance Records and Management) Benumu, Sahera Walker (Some Might Say), Beatriz De La Pava (BBC), Kenzo Mizumoto (The Secret Warehouse Of Sound), Roger Kent (Kick Out The Jams), Chris Eustace (The Belonging), Nineties Mike, Fahima Jan (Bucks Music Publishing), Tony Blackmur (Albion Rooms/Playhard), Pauly Music Management, Arls (Pop Of The Tops), Susan Hansen (It’s All Indie), Kat Five(Feral Five), Dizzy LizzyMinx Media, Carol Van Hemelrijck and Jeanne Scahaise (Hum Hum Video Production), Robbie Zereka and more (good to see you Robyn!) xx

Also much appreciation for the gig plugs  from friends that were elsewhere that night like Asylums, Mikey Jonns from This Feeling, Modern Age, Pirate Studios and more. 

Many hearts were warmed to see Disco MarkY making this party his first get well public port of call.

Hugs to him (and John Kennedy who shouted out the show on Radio X).

The night had “Such a great atmosphere” (Ade Richards of Creative Sounds UK). 

It’s never a case of getting off stage and that’s the end of it, in a story always creating next chapters; David Gomes of Electric Owls (film clips to follow), Neil Anderson (images of The Cosmics and The C33s at Wildblanket Photography) and Mike Rădulescu (photography of MOSES) were documenting our sitationist theatre of friends. “Total legends as ever folks. every act dragged me through a bout of man flu with adrenaline. great night” (Mike Adams, Travellers Tunes)  

Live love started with the stunning vocals and story telling of Luvia , back by request with many achievements since gracing this stage for us in March with freshly released single, ‘Love Lust’ a new signing to BNDR

“Thanks to The Zine UK for inviting me to play last night in Camden.

Really enjoyed MOSES The C33s and The Cosmics” (Luvia)

Leaving an appreciative magic, united room and good vibrations.

“Is Roger here?” Yes, gig legend, Roger Mairlot, IS here! We are honoured.

The punky invasion of Camden, especially this year, has made London’s NW1 (Newer Wave 1?) postcode buzz like a riot of Britpop’s Grime tinted offspring. Instigators of the 90’s charts, Andy Ross and Andy Winters are at the bar! They are kingpins of what’s happening now, too.

Next, fresh rock The C33s are sensational. They deliver a tight and instantly infectious explosion of Cramps tinted punk with a polished, harmonic twist. Seriously impressive. 

“A massive thanks to everyone involved in making last night a killer first trip down to London for us! You know who you all are. To everyone who sang and jumped about the place and to all the bands who played – keep doing your thing! Big respect! The C33s love you!”

Keeping the adrenaline pumping, we are so excited that The Cosmics are here, a few days after releasing a slice of dynamite, ‘Trust Is Blind’, as a single.

Perfect punk stars that rock out with energetic abandon, exuding big riffs and a kick-off-your-shoes rock show like your parents are out of town for the weekend. Not short of hooky tunes, it’s no surprise that they are up and coming festival favourites. Like all the sets tonight, people have travelled to see them.

“Last night was amazing, thank you to everyone who came down to see us in London. That was our last show of 2018! We’ll be back with more in the new year!” (The Cosmics)

It felt like we had some of the nation’s best kept secrets playing. A case in point being headliners, MOSES, who deliver a main stage Rock And Roll SHOW leaving a trail of singing and jumping along friends in the wake of their anthems. Party perfection.

“Thank you so much to The Monarch for a memorable night. We have no words!” (M O S E S)

Every created escapism. The Hostile Environment (and it’s apathetically flaccid beige-pop) can do one, The Fertile Environment resists. WHAT a soundtrack. “Great night. Well done all” (Kelly Munro, End Of The Trail Creative)  

Kudos to The Monarch, and last word to Monefa Walker, multi talent extra-ordinaire, for sorting it. “Thank you to every single beautiful soul that came down last night,old and new. Your energy was much appreciated and without your support, we wouldn’t be able to carry on doing what we truly love doing.”

https://facebook.com/lisaperryphotography and https://instagram.com/lisaperryphotography

A few days later, The Music People’s travelling circus were along the road at The Camden Mix Up Volume 4, where Kick Out the Jamsrevealed the secret headliners that day. Fontaines D.C. won’t play a venue THAT small next time….

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