Dexy’s ‘Xmas Lights’ single is aural monochrome melancholy

Away in a stranger shade, ‘Xmas Lights’, the new single from honey voiced troubadour, Dexy, is a beautiful song for anybody that doesn’t naturally feel the Christmas cheer, and refreshingly so.

The single is out now (3 Minute Records) via the usual digital outlets. Guitars chime as heart strings are pulled, but the effect is uplifting in it’s empathy. Recorded and produced by Adrian Hall (Anna Calvi, Ray Davies, All Saints) who also produced Dexy’s debut album ‘Tear It Down’ (2017). 

The sparse and spacious new video – comes complete with a Dog Star! -That last scene though… Awww. It was created by multi talent, Shaun Grimsley (who will also play a live show with Dexy on 13th December at Sister Midnight Records in Deptford, London. 

 (well that’s a refreshing change from the usual, brightly coloured, “spend spend spend – eat eat eat – drink drink drink – laugh at mrs browns boys – family and romance – sprouts no sprouts – die hard – buy bog rolls at crackers prices and keep spending” forced jingle fucking sleigh bell reindeer shit forced cheer on telly – so 8/8!)

Zeenagers: Dexy is one of the talents that are part of TheZineUK’s fabric. A few years ago we were on the roof garden of counter culture music bar, Amersham Arms, exchanging random observations under cloud porn. Time travel for three pages with usThen back to the future. Dexy will be back in the recording studio in 2019.

Stay tuned for what happens next:

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