Getting infected with Ho99o9’s CYBER COP

The infection has begun. Ho99o9’s latest EP ‘CYBER COP’ centre on the topic of technology, much like the recent 1975 album. But that’s where the similarities end. Ho99o9 want to induce you into a mind-fuck, making you question everything you believe about modern technology. 

Or…In their own words: 

’Is it safe to share on the internet? Is it safe to learn from the internet? What’s real, what’s fake and what’s actually true. Is it safe to say the Internet isn’t safe? Is it safe to love the internet? Is it safe to hate the internet? Is Internet God? Is Internet the Devil?’

Is it Safe to Internet goes straight in with adrenaline filled madness. It perfectly demonstrates their musical versatility, as genres collide and swap within the 3 minute 20 song, creating a punk track with an electronic/ sci-fi edge. 

Internet Thuggin’ then amplifies this chaos yet again. It confirms that Ho99o9 are not here to make casual listening music. They’re here to raise your heart rate with ridiculously high tempos and put you in a state of crisis about what you can trust in this modern age.

Forest Fires is some kind of crazy industrial, rough edged satanic hybrid and quite frankly, I don’t expect anything less from the mighty Ho99o9. 

Punk Police (ft. N8NOFACE) is certainly a stand out on the EP and is one of my personal favourites. It’s a high energy, great big fuck you to stereotypes, boundaries and expectations. ‘Punk police, don’t fuck with me, don’t tell me what to do’ Ho99o9 do what they want. No one can restrain them.

Following on is a track that couldn’t sound any different. Delete My Browser History continues with the message of ‘I Do What I Want’ but gone is the fast paced electro-punk of Punk Police. Instead it presents an alternate, infectious but hypnotic sound.

Ho99o9 are a prime example of a modern music revolution. Their sound is always evolving and pushing limits. But there’s always one constant with their music… They never give in to expectations.

We’ve followed Ho99o9 for a while now at The Zine UK but if you’re just getting started, check out the links below:

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