‘INSCAPE’: Alexandra Stréliski’s album of classical power.

In an article for the Guardian recently, Lenny Henry said: “Perhaps it’s time for everyone to take a fresh look at classical music and put aside the stereotypes”.

That statement couldn’t be truer in the classical world right now. Whether you listen or not, you may have noticed some shifts going on. 

There’s a push for real diversity, a reflection of the world we live in. Different ages, cultures, backgrounds, one by one we are creating change, simply by sharing our creativity. Some are avid performers of the greats, like myself (classical pianist) and there are some who are taking us into a whole new world of wonder. 

One of those new emerging artists in the classical world is none other, than Alexandra Stréliski. Her latest album ‘INSCAPE’ takes us down the rabbit hole, into her world, a glimpse into her consciousness with dotted rhythms, varying cadences and a never ending story throughout of adventure, exploration and magic. 

Track 3; ‘Par la fenetre de Theo’ reminds you of a lovely drive out of the city, immersing oneself in nature, sunny day, hands against the wind. After the “Interlude”, we are graced with a darker, richer sound, minor keys and the shifts in arpeggio inversions all leading to one feeling more curious. 

You can hear that Alexandra is very much inspired by her childhood; growing up in Paris and Montreal. Track 8 “Burnout Fugue” is powerful and conveys a message of clarity and determination with a beautiful display of her music theory knowledge playing around between the relative major and minor key.

If you’re new to classical music, that’s okay. We’re all here to discover, to learn. I can promise you that with people like this rising star, the classical world is changing,  making it seem more accessible to anyone who simply loves music and understands how powerful its effects are. 

It’s an exciting time for music as a whole.

One final note, there is magic in listening to music with no words, yet it somehow finds the exact words you’ve been looking for. You’ll definitely experience that, listening to ‘INSCAPE.

For those looking for a healthy ESCAPE into a world of calm, Streliski is the musician for you!

Listen to ‘INSCAPE’ here http://smarturl.it/Inscape

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