Into the future with Feral Five’s Pet Show

Futuristic feral-Art by Strype

Our favourite electro-punk duo have released a new single that is as ferocious and daring as their creative genius, and stage persona. They’ve recently supported Black Grape @ Concorde 2 in Brighton and safe to say, they have bagged a fresh new set of fans. Kat and Drew Five are multi-talented, and “Pet Show” simply adds to their ever-growing list of achievements. 

This song is set in the (not too distant?) future, in a city occupied by misfits, the misinterpreted and a cyber-community hidden in the depths of society, yet so overt in their secretive and illicit behaviour. 

Kat’s dynamic vocals create the perfect backdrop to the funky electro beat, that has you visualising streets covered in neon lighting, most trying to sell something, grab your attention. Picture a future that’s a crossover between Blade Runner and Altered Carbon, and you’ll see what I mean. Overall, it’s an interesting, and unique outlook on where we are heading as humans. Are we making ourselves obsolete to machines? How far will we go in the quest for survival? Could we be looking at a future of hybrids? None of us know, but Feral Five sure have paved the way for exploring the possibilities of living in a world… not as we currently know it.

Be sure to catch this duo sometime soon. Or at the very least, check out their other artistic projects, you won’t be disappointed! They are music producers, and have had their songs premiered on the BBC 6 music and John Kennedy’s show on Radio X, plus let’s not forget that they have remixed not one,but two songs by the undisputed Sisteray. So, more fool you if you don’t give them a chance and surprise yourself.

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