Don’t erase, just rewind with The Cardigans…

Saffron, Shirley, Polly Jean. These are just a few names of the formidable women that helped shape the 90s (and music) for the better, simply by being themselves in an industry that perhaps weren’t ready for them, and what they had to offer back then. Another notable lady, is Nina Persson and her clan aka The Cardigans. Formed in Jonkoping, South Sweden, this delectable group brought attitude and an edge that was very different from the norm at the time, but still made them successful. 

After a knockout tour in December, celebrating the 20th anniversary of platinum-selling album ,”Gran Turismo”, they have now announced on the 1st of February, the band is doing a complete re-issue of all 5 of their studio albums. Not only that, it’s going to be remastered on Vinyl LP, 2 of which have never been released on vinyl before!

I’m sure many of us (especially if you were a kid in the 90’s) , remember some of their hit tracks. “Lovefool” featured in the film Romeo and Juliet. Their song “My Favourite Game” is still vastly popular now, as is the video. In fact, I’m pretty sure many of us enjoyed hearing it on the radio, maybe to record it on tape. Or calling one of those numbers to watch the video on TV. They still showed, they still had the right kind of attitude, in their last album with songs like, “I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer”. 

Fingers crossed, they tour again in the future, maybe even hitting up some festivals. 2019 already looks like it’s going to be hotter than 2018 and it’s not even Spring yet!

The Cardigans Vinyl EP album re-issues are as follows:

• Emmerdale (1st time on Vinyl)

• Life

• First Band On The Moon

 Gran Turismo

• Long Gone Before Daylight

• Super Extra Gravity (1st time on Vinyl)

Pre-Order yours here! 

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