Elly goes Club Fandango ft. China Bears and October Drift.

The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington was packed, with barely enough space to walk down the stairs and into the venue itself. Jazzy beats of indie band Shrimp Eyes could be heard drifting out the room. Finishing their set with a smile and a thank you, they were met with huge appreciation from the audience and after a short break were followed by ambient-indie rocks China Bears.

Taking to the stage, the beautiful vocals of lead singer and guitarist Ivan, along with backing vocalists Frazer (guitar), James (bass), and Dean (drums) silenced the room. Their ethereal sounding music and raw lyrics left goose bumps on watching crowd members, as they created an enchanted like atmosphere, delicate and tantalising, but with rockier elements, as the sound dipped and dived in pace and rhythm.

With the announcement that new music was to be released later in the year, these boys have clearly developed their sound and are ready to show the world what they have to offer.

October Drift proved to have a dedicated fan base before they’d even taken to the stage, with the crowd jostling for space at the front of the room, proudly wearing their band merch t-shirts. The members of October Drift proudly walked through the audience, making their way onto stage, picking up their instruments and immediately creating a lively and energetic performance that set the tone for the rest of the gig.

The crowd danced along, as lead singer and guitarist Kieran, moved around the stage, jumping back and forth, almost leading the audience in a formation. 

Known for his antics of climbing around venues, this gig was no different and despite the slightly limited space he found ways to climb on the drum kits, amps and into the audience, dragging his microphone and even at some points him guitar with him. It was interesting to note that only the lead singer and drummer, Chris had microphones, whilst Alex (bassist), and Daniel (guitarist), showed their immense talent through their wild playing, throwing their instruments around themselves. At one poignant moment Kieran went into the audience withe no microphone but kept hold of his guitar, silencing the room with an accapella vocal, every so often strumming his guitar, before making his way back to stage, walking past mesmerised faces. 

“You’ve been beautiful London, thank you!” yelled Kieran, as the band finished their set, smiles on each of the musicians, clearly thrilled to see the reaction from the crowd. Proving the success of this gig, it definitely won’t be long until October Drift are back in London. (hopefully next time playing a slightly bigger venue…).


China Bears                  October Drift                   Club Fandango 

All Photos Elly Bailey

(We’ve only included a few here, but you can catch more here!)

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