Live Review: This Feeling at The Macbeth

Sophie and The Giants, Blackwaters and Yonaka bought life, music and energy to a Thursday evening at The Macbeth, each performing for This Feeling in aid of the charity Cyber Smile, chosen charity by Yonaka

Sophie and The Giants kicked off the evening, with lead singer Sophie’s vocals soaring through the packed out crowd. Dainty and elegant, with a singing voice that could silence a football crowd, Sophie’s powerful stage presence and stunning talent was backed by a fantastic band, made up of Toby (guitar), Chris (drums), Bailey (bass).

The charisma between bands mates was very clear while watching the set, each member laughing, joking and interacting with each other, all while keeping up the rhythmic and building music, owning the stage and giving the audience a reason to dance as they finished with the closing track on their new EP, ‘Bulldog’.

Next up were Blackwaters, who casually strolled onto stage, opening the set with a more relaxed song, or so the audience thought. Not before long the beat turned heavy and riotous vocals stormed punk chaos throughout the room. Young, talented and loud, this band made their mark on the night, with their energetic melodies and clever lyrics that the audience were yelling along to. Not before long lead singer Max was in the audience, letting the moshing crowd take control as he yelled the chorus of Fuck Yeah into their eager faces, whilst David (guitar), Ollie (bass), and James (drums), pelted out the music, throwing themselves around the stage, and demonstrating formidable talent and creating sweat-making heat.

Last but not least, fresh off supporting Bring Me the Horizon at Ally Pally in December, alternative indie-punk rockers Yonaka took to the stage to close the night with a rambunctious and exhilarating performance. Lead singer Theresa made fiery front-women, and a perfect role model for young girls. No more heroines in distress, instead here is a fierce lead singer who is able to storm the stage and hold her own, wowing the crowd with her talent.

George (Guitar)  Alex (Bass) and Robert (Drums), created heavy and vigorous music, filled with an indie punk edge and even an element of hip-hop. As the band finished on their hit song ‘F.W.T.B’ you could here the screams of the super fans in the audience, and the practically see the walls of The Macbeth shaking, as Theresa danced around the stage, interacting with her bands mates and giving an incredibly impressive performance. 

The night finished with a DJ set from Libertines musician Carl Barat, with people socialising, dancing and commenting on how great the performances of the night had been.

Listen here: 

Sophie and the Giants • Blackwaters • Yonaka

All words and pix: The supreme talent of Elly Bailey, more here.

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