ZINE UK EXCLUSIVE: MY Baby Announce Tour Dates and New Single ‘Super Natural’

They’re back! Globe-dancing supersonic Dutch-Kiwi sorcerers MY BABY have announced UK tour dates as part of their European tour this spring.

And as if that wasn’t enough…. They’ve launched a new single today to celebrate their latest album ‘Mounaiki – By the Bright of Night’ winning an Edison Award (the Dutch Grammies) last week!

– it’s all go in the MY BABY camp! 

New single stream an exclusive interview below!

Supernatural Aid is the third single from the band’s 4th studio album ‘Mounaiki’ and takes its inspiration from the band’s greatest musical inspiration; Sly Stone.

As one of the funkier more frenetic tracks from the album and audience favourite during their hypnotic live shows, Supernatural Aid smashes out MY BABY’s trademark cosmic hooks and delectable vocals of MY BABY in delightful abundance; all resplendent with the slick funkiness of Sly’s own music and spirit. 

Listen to the single Supernatural Aid right now Spotify: 

MY BABY sail into the UK this March for five must see dates:

20 March – Band on The Wall, Manchester 

21 March – King Tut’s, Glasgow 

22 March  – Brudenell Community Room, Leeds 

23 March  – Castle and Falcon, Birmingham 

24 March – The Globe, Cardiff

INTERVIEW! We caught up with Cato ahead of their tour to discuss Indian Raga, improvisation and Sly Stone…

ZINE: You’re about to start a UK tour, do you have any on-the-road rituals?

MB: Not any specific ritual, but we do try to find a good eat in every place we travel to. So we are in the habit of checking for the best curry place or healthy breakfast spot

ZINE: Your live sound is known to be quite different from your recorded material. Do you improvise on stage or is this premeditated? Why do you choose to play differently live?

MB: There is a healthy dose of improvising for sure. When we started out gigging as a three piece we had to change our arrangements to 3 instruments compared to the studio set up where we often would add layers and other instrumentation.

So live is often a distillation of the album sound indeed, but a more high energy version

Reason for that is also because we played a lot of events and fests where there was a lot of dj orientated partying going on, so we developed a more energetic way of playing to suit that setting

ZINE: Your music fuses genres and rhythms from around the world. Do you play any unusual instruments? How do you tie all these influences together?

MB: We like to experiment with odd combinations. For instance adding an Indian raga like vocal melody on top of a blues riff. And we always challenge ourselves with finding a sound that we ourselves have never heard. On the latest album we made use of a Chinese Lute, called a pipa, which added a strange new dimension. It’s all about trying things out and trying to capture an atmosphere and mood and something which appears timeless

ZINE: What/Who are your main inspirations?

MB: Sly Stone is our idol. Early blues legends such as Robert Johnson. Mavis Staples, Al Green and many other soul and gospel performers.

ZINE: Two of you are siblings. What’s it like being in a “family band”?

MB: We’ll me (Cato) and my brother have been playing together since childhood so it’s so matter of fact. Though we aren’t playing together with our other sisters anymore with this band, so it feels like a new chapter for us in that regard, as if it’s not so much the ‘family band ‘anymore.

ZINE: What’s next for MY BABY?

MB: Now that our 4th album is out we are embarking on a European tour. We’re travelling to New Zealand and Australia for several months, Daniel, our guitarist, is a Kiwi so down under has become our second home base these past years which means a second summer for us, so no complaints here.

MY BABY’s fourth album ‘Mounaiki – By the Bright of Night is out now in all the usual places.

Listen to MY BABY on Spotify here:


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