Parallel Dimension New Music Industry!

Under radar, industrial (r)evolution still swells.  2019 has a high percentage of Independent Venue Week and SXSWtalents from TheZineUK’s story. Much daily conversation is with fellow grassroots fanatics.

My mate Bill in Cardiff invited me to a London gig of Welsh bands on St David’s Day. Days later, another friend Darrenkindly put The Pitchforks, in touch. We nattered music passions. Praise was sang for lovely Lottie/Let It Happen and Susan Hansen, who TheZineUK recently recommended.

We chatted Hoyfest and Merthyr Rising (that evening Smiley & The Underclass played one of their events at Nambucca) and I recommended Bill (whose alumni include Al Moses and The Sherlocks) might be a possible PR for the future, as The Pitchforks had played above mentioned show. Degrees of separation…

On the 7th Day (of March) 

some mates gig at BBC Introducing’s Calva Louise & guests,

some at Benumu with MOSES, Couples (pictured) & Lion Machine 23. 

Both events are packed with brilliant reactions.

More rising names bands, less small/medium venues.

A few hours previously, Heather Minx of Minx Media and friends – including Albert Jagger, Sandy K. Moz, Katie O, Pink Cigar and Nadia Sheikh– created at Camden’s (also at risk) Hawley Arms. 

I bump into Zachery Stephenson of Nambucca (home to Some Might Say shows and most of Red Stripe’s This Feeling TV). 9th March, TF are staging Unsung Heroes Photography exhibition there. 

That same evening, some of TheZineUK posse are with Rock Art and friends at Night People.

Our recent Music People Party,

mixed Manchester (The C33s)

with Birmingham (The Cosmics).

Both cities are  ring leaders of Art x Music x Tech new music industrial revolution and the ethics of mutual support.

26th March has Cornwall’s The Rezner repping with deux furieuses at our 5th Birthday party in The Monarch.

With Kick Out The Jams at The Camden Mix Up on March 16th, London’s NW1 postcode is back at the fore.

One of many reason that this parallel dimension is making waves. Youthful talent and energy x experienced belief from 20th Century twisted fire starters away from the corporate bolloxary of mainstream.

Vintage nationwide shakers include; 

Tim Abbot (Creation Records, Robbie Williams etc) with Fass of Rock Art, Andy Winters (The Novus and Sisteray), Andy Ross of Boogaloo Radio x fab 485C etc, Julian Able (The Velvet Hands/The Rezner)  Simon Williams (Fierce Panda), Mark Beaumont (NME).

I say “Hall Or Nothing forever”

Producers like Paul Tipler (Unit 13) and Gavin Monaghan (Magic Garden) could probably release “That’s What I Call NOW Music” between them.

Life inflicts tories everywhere, but this is mainly positive; healthy competition with realisation that we are more effective together.

ALL OVER Britain Ireland, pockets of punky punchy pop stars rise.

Bugeye in session with John Kennedy (Radio X) telling it like it is – hola, April’s CroCroLand!

Simon Benumu and myself, Caffy, in excited rant with Paul Maps of Joyzine Radio, all on our thrilled unity vibe.

Tip Of The Iceberg

#NewerWave Rocks

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