The Rezner. We LIKE them!

The Rezner are lava-hot punk upstarts. Their debut single, ‘Micky‘ lands on 29th March. This hooky, swagger-pop tuned BANGER, sounds like Brexit can do one ‘cos we’d rather party together. Turn it UP!

These lads were at school when TheZineUK began five years ago. Since then, they’ve formed a band and we’ve all found ourselves in the midst of a new music industrial (r)evolution going forward together.

During Independent Venue Week, we witnessed the double riot at a busy buzzy Kick Out The Jams when they supported fellow Cornish rockers, The Velvet Hands. We immediately snapped The Rezner up for our Spring uprising at Camden Monarch (26th March – scroll down for more tour dates)

Early public and media reactions to ‘Micky’ are equally excited, with international praise, and both UK and USA music site premieres for this video. “dripping with confidence” (GigSlutz):

Newer Wave music movement is a possible light at the end of the hostile environment’s failing tunnel. Here’s to hope, and thanks to Sam Stone of The Rezner for the following interview. It seemed timely to start by asking;

“What were you all doing in 2014?”

Sam : “It was very different times 5 years ago for the four of us. Our fellow drummer Jose was still living it up in the 40 degree heat of Portugal exploring the world of jazz before moving to the UK in 2016. Liam, our bassist, had just started his music course at college and was looking into Bristol university. For me and Redley (the babies of the group) we were just finishing up at school, with no idea of what the next 5 years would bring as none of us had met until 2016. But here we all are! 

Pic by Mood Foto is, literally the above in a “left to right…”

TheZineUK : (Looking forward to The Monarch) “How many times have you played London, before?”

Sam : “The 26th of march will mark our third time playing in London, but we have a feeling we might be showing our faces a bit more in the big city as the year goes on. The crowd in London has always been so good to us, so the travel from Cornwall has never bothered us in the slightest – even if you have to share the car with Redley Flowerdew for 5 hours… “

TheZineUK : “Cornwall’s looking pretty punky these days… did that just evolve from young music influences like parents record collections and media, or was it inspired by touring bands calling in?”

Sam : “We agree and we think it’s great, although where this all spawned from is something i haven’t quite put my finger on… I think Punk in general is back, with breakthrough acts like IDLES and Fontaines D.C making their mark. They seem to be smashing it at the moment, all over the shop. Wherever this influence is coming from, it’s really making a statement as the music scene in Cornwall is alive and kicking like it’s never been before! To be able to be a part of it, is insane.”

(Pic by Mood Foto: The Rezner headlining BBC Introducing‘s Independent Venue Week at The Old Bakery in Truro)

TheZineUK : “How are your next plans looking?”

“Summer for us is looking to be a hot one! A lot of our plans for this year are still confidential at this point but we’ll be kicking off with our debut single ‘Micky’ which is out on the 29th of march. But that’s not all; as festival season for us is something we’ve been wanting to share with you all for a while now, so there will be announcements to come, major festivals included… 

As well as this, we’ve been back in the studio recently so we’ll be looking forward to round 2 and maybe even get to show our faces in a few cities we haven’t been to yet. But all in good time!”

TheZineUK : “That is one hell of an introductory video!”

“Thanks for the kind words! 

This was with the help of Mawgan Lewis from Purple Knife Productions.

As you can tell he has a thing for hanging lightbulbs (which is great to groove around) but for us, he’s also at the top of his game for music video’s in Cornwall, so being able to work with him for our debut was a pleasure.

In all honestly, he’s just one of the coolest people alive.

We’re really happy with how the video has shaped up, and send much love and appreciation to all the positive reactions we’ve had towards the single so far. “

2019 is a year in which to really play up, people, like punk happened!

On 29th March, we’re taking the ‘Micky’

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