CroCroLand 6 April: a MOMENT of music heritage

Half a dozen things about CroCroLand; one of this year’s must-experience moments; This DIY Independent Rock Music Festival underlines a truly creative movement.

Croydon’s punk heritage is celebrated in a very 21st century way, reflecting modern, diverse Britain / Ireland’s rising underground scenes and genre fusions. Dystopian villain ruled times need poetic souled revolt. The impact grows as art finds it’s voice in political rant, visuals, DIY chic, youth 4 climate, extinction rebellion and pure pop star graced escapism. An amazing young wives tale highlights that a new-music industrious (r)evolution is highly effective through social inclusion. 0% low blow tokenism. 100% high quality merit. Info/any remaining tickets; 

1/6 : Stage Times – Saturday 6th April. Treasure this entire line up, culture and counter culture, alike.

2/6 – Great sets and cause. LOADS of ART! Local community, youth power, education and community are involved. £1 of every (high value for money) ticket sold, going to the Lives Not Knives charity. 

3/6 – Transport for all. Doors are open at mid day for wristband exchange. Last trains to Central London (East Croydon station is 3 minutes walk away) run past midnight. All means all of us, a 14+ audience event. With a gender balance on and off stage, crew, crowd and stars alike.

4/6 – Zeenagers galore. Our fifth year anniversary celebrations continue. So exciting to see a swathe of TheZineUK’s #FuturePicks chosen to play. They are talent that belong on bigger stages, and we love seeing them stealthily get there… Investigate the artist links at CroCroLand’s website.Nova Twins5/12

5/6 – DIY opportunity in austerity is low budget equity to help forge destiny. Much appreciation to all the higher profile industry and media that have been giving not only CroCroLand support and attention, but also raising the profile of potential headliners of major events, some at this event. We have noticed the difference in five years of documentary. This event was never based on greed, but a compulsive love of the music world. Friendship as finance and kindness as an energy will do this.

6/6 – Young Wives Tales rule! Go Angela and Julia (TV interview with London Live about CroCroLand, new music promoters, gender balance, Croydon and more!) – amazing what daydreams can turn into reality. Now we should all just enjoy ourselves, dress up, get down, come in and rock out in peace and funshine. Bring the LOVE. Live The Dream. In Croydon. Saturday 6th April 2019 makes cultural history. Share The Joy.

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