‘DLP’ by BAIT – Out now, Cool Thing Records

For our Darker Ages heavy and harsh, but punchy enough to knock out the hostile environment. Bait landed in 2017 with a hard and hooky presence like Depeche Mode letting off weapons of mass destruction. 

2019 is stabbystressed post brexitannia messed shit hole of a Primark garbed apocalypse. Who knew Armageddon would be so compliantly stupid. Greetings from a Hate Island, obsessed by What-Passes-For-Love Island, tits and dragons…

“Frustration, anger, high tempers and higher temperature, enough to boil it all away. Understand? Then ‘DLP’ is for you. BAIT isn’t just music, it’s ventilation, it’s expression through art. We all have a voice and this one speaks from the gut in broken English.”

Brand new for Spring, ‘DLP’ (Disney Land Paris) arrives to soundtrack our slide into crapitalism’s second world dictatorship. A force for good in a dystopian dark age of evil empire. 

It’s an electropunk spark firestarting us back into living in the now and taking back the future. 

Me? I can’t wait for the Mad-Max-like squatting of corporate theme parks and billionaire yachts. These things ran through my rebellious imagination while listening.

The over-rich could easily afford to give back what they steal from the over-poor and still own too much of our world. Til then, At every day people level, we literally do say/think/believe “hooray, it’s payday” whenever/if that comes. We’ve sleepwalked into living between bouts of covering rent/bills/food over the last decade. Those of us lucky enough to still have shelter and sustenance, that is.

Dr WTF is the only one of the zeenagers to own a TARDIS, so everything raw cause, after Punk is Post Punk, but DLP additionally feels like a call to get up and dance, get up and make, a call to activist charms.

In less than three minutes of driving a Nine Inch Nails vibe, nineteen inched nails into the minds of listeners, ‘DLP’ creates a soundtrack for The Ballad of Halo Jones as escapism from the “Different Drummer” zombie cults of today (numbed by the implant-generated celebrity fawning and other fake news).  

Led by Michael Webster, B.A.I.T. encompasses his Indiana Jones like safari through Counter Culture, The Musical, fusing the past to restructure the near next. 

Self created, recorded, edited, visualised and presented, BAIT takes performance art to the next level with the help of creative collectives. Disturbingly, this video is easily recognisable as modern Britain.

Morodor Punx, seeking top of the austerity pop chants; you have heard the future. If you want the world doing properly, do it yourself.


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