Fontaines D.C., ‘Dogrel’ does the double.

Fontaines D.C. – now a Top 10 band in various charts – No. 4 on the Official Irish album chart, No. 9 on the Official UK album chart – were on a double bubble with two sold out London shows in one day: A matinee ‘Dogrel’, debut album, launch gig and signing session at Rough Trade Records in Shoreditch.

Below, one of our musician writers, Monefa, who with Fahima and Roger, were right down the front for the live show. It was a sociable occasion, we bumped into more friends there. Hallo Sahera, Michael, Pat…

The band had graced Rough Trade West on Record Store Day the previous weekend. Wednesday 17th April was a parallel dimension episode of Eastenders. An intensely involving event, with quality sound that did the performance justice. The poetic Dublin quintet were met with roaring approval by an engaged crowd of all ages who queued patiently afterwards for autographs. An air of celebration was the atmosphere.

The release of this album does, indeed, feel like A 2019 MOMENT for the grass roots movements under radar, especially, as well as the music world in general.

Dogrel‘ is a layered, alternative rock landmark that will be in many hearts for a lifetime. It was already a hit for counter culture art. The fact that these opinion/joy dividing, primal soundscapes, are a bona fide commercial success, is a bonus.

It all feels very unforced in our guitars blessed tapestry of tales that have been weaving, especially over the last few years. This year is hurtling towards a 2020 Vision – with real people involved in it’s creation. Fontaines D.C. are one of the bands that will help take the whole planet (who want to come) to a Better Land.

Monefa (who survived the chaos of the band’s secret Camden Mix Up show for Roger in December) was also with the gang a few hours later, for the band’s headline at The Garage in Highbury later that evening’. She reported “10/10 to Fontaines D.C.!

A sold-out-gigs-double in London, but this is just one location – 2019 has a under radar vibe that is Happening around the music world and is going to be BIG.

More to come, but, for now; it’s all going on at

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