Monefa Meets… The Mysterines.

There’s no doubt at all, that this island has always been a hot bed for musical talent. From Cornwall, to Bristol, to Essex and even London.

I think it’d also be fair to say, that Manchester is considered in some ways the musical epicentre, in terms of how many artists and bands have come out of that one city alone. However, let’s not forget a city less than a couple of hours away that has also cemented this island into the musical hall of fame: Liverpool. Time and time again, the Merseyside have also brought forth knockout music for all genres. Just to name a few off the top of my head: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Teardrop Explodes, OMD, Echo & the Bunnymen, Dead or Alive, Space, The Coral and The Dead 60s.

In the last 3 years, we have seen an explosion of bands from this area again. In the last 6 months alone with artists like Cal Ruddy growing from strength to strength. Even Red Rum Club, making their debut in Asia last year not to mention a sold-out UK tour. Another band from the Merseyside that are also well on the way to cementing a legacy, is none other than the delectable trio better known as The Mysterines.

At The end of February/beginning of March they supported the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets on their UK tour, dazzling and mesmerising those who got a chance to listen. I also noticed, people actually made the effort to come down in time to hear The Mysterines play. A classic example of why, it’s worth your time and money getting to a gig early rather than just turning up in time to catch the headline act.

Their London date was at the legendary Dingwalls venue in Camden, and Lia, George and Chrissy were kind enough to give up some of their time post soundcheck, to have a quick chat with me. We decided to sit down in the garden at The Hawley Arms where we had a good natter, and some laughs too.

So, is this is your first time playing in London?
The Mysterines: No, we played here last summer with Miles Kane, at The Moth Club which was really cool, good fun. We’ve played at The Social as well for Huw Stevens, he was showcasing different bands.

Cool! If you can remember, what was your introduction into
music? What made you decide, that it was something you wanted to do
instead of just being an avid listener?

TM: Beatles particularly on Rock Band. Apart from our Lia, she can’t play it.

I have to ask, something which you may be tired of answering, but
what inspired you to call yourselves The Mysterines? Apart from the
obvious mystery about you.

TM: There wasn’t really an inspiration for it. I think, we just wanted that vibe of “the mystery” thing because, we had already pre-planned not to put much on social media from the beginning, and keep it quiet.

Just announce things when you’re ready to, rather than constantly
posting stuff?

TM: Yeah, ‘cause as soon as you do that, people just put you in a box. We were so young when we started as well. If we released the stuff, that we had at that point, it would’ve just been shit and potentially fuck the whole thing up ahead. I think, it was just that we wanted that vibe. Then this whole thing with the mouthwash began, and Listerine and mysterine got put together…somehow!

What was your highlight of last year?
TM: Definitely when we released our first single.

Any festivals you’re looking forward to playing?
TM: The Great Escape. Live at Leeds. The lineup for that is really good as well.

Any emerging bands you’d love to play with, that you haven’t had a
chance to yet?

TM: The Blinders maybe. Idles definitely. Idles are really catching our attention at the moment.

They do seem to be gripping a lot of people at the moment, Us at The ZineUK included. One thing I did want to ask, what do you think is the issue that still stands out, in terms of musicians getting a fair shot in the industry?
TM: We’re quite lucky as we haven’t had to face it. But, knowing friends in other bands trying to book a gig sometimes can be really hard. Sometimes intimidating too, especially when independent venues are shutting down. Especially in Liverpool. People don’t want to go to bigger venues like the O2, and ask to put a gig on because, when you’re starting out, you’re happy with a gig in your local place. So many places in the UK that don’t have any venues at all for bands. Probably the other issue, is when you’re supporting a band. You can end up losing money, as you have to travel, and it costs £60 petrol and you’re only getting paid £50 for the gig.
What about TV shows? Any that you’re into at the moment?
TM: Stranger Things (Lia). Rubbish on YouTube, watching people do stuff (Chrissy). A series on Sky called Bulletproof (George).

Every decade, there’s always a group of artists/bands where you think at some point “I wish I caught them in that smaller venue up the road”. So, I strongly advise you check out The Mysterines at a festival near you, or the nearest venue near you when they embark on their tour end of April. Not to mention, a recorded live session with John Kennedy at Radio X only last month.

New single Bet Your Pretty Face is OUT NOW!

30/4 Bristol Rough Trade 02/5 London Camden Assembly 03/5 Birmingham Castle + Falcon 04/5 Live At Leeds Festival 05/5 Hit The North, Newcastle. 08/5 Manchester Night People. 18/5 This Feeling Sheffield24/5 This Feeling Bedford Esquire25/7 Farmfest


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