Nova Twins Have ‘Hit Girl’ Power

Britain’s futuristic punx, Nova Twins, are becoming a one band, DIY global counter culture on so many levels.

Left to right, (photographed by Sanaa Abstrakt), Amy and Georgia‘s self made new video, ‘Hit Girl’ fuses their DownloadFest-worthy, heavy sound with the 21st century pop-star potential of Janelle Monae.

Nova Twins are one of Britain’s most potent prospects.

Rap Rocking with Riff Power, they can really cut it live and are equally winning fans on stage and on line.

Watch the video for ‘Hit Girl’. Armed with guitars, they’re not just pretty faces, but a deadly duo of Afropunk’d super heroes. 

Head to for your free download!

It’s a massive club-sounding guitar-licked tune, that drips lead weight attitude and beats.

This audiovisual is also a continuation of our ‘Equality Is The Future’ theme.

Not only is the video home made, but they also created the fashions and styled themselves.

Nova Twins create their own custom made clothes – Bad Stitches on Instagram.

The newer wave music industrious cottage industries are to be taken seriously as the feed line to the next cultural heritage, social collusion and economy.

Bands like Nova Twins have a high percentage of fellow mover shakers and future makers in their audiences. Some of those people may not even realise that they are, yet, but just getting the vibes from a video, or feeling them at a show, can make all the difference.

It’s been a thrill watching Nova Twins develop. Check out them out 4REAL: ‘Hit Girl’ video;

… as not seen on BBC TV’s ‘The One Show’ maybe, but if I wasn’t already grown up, I know a band who would influence me greatly, and inspire who I wanted to be when I did…!

TheZineUK is documenting the individuality of our new stars. One thing many of them have in common is that they are entertaining to experience, while empowering their fans with hot loud music, cool positive attitude and their own stage style. 

Although luck plays a part, it’s the talent, hard work, dedication and the ambition to grow on a professional level that adds to their edge.

Nova Twins have their eye on the ball and their heart in the music. It makes them a fascinating prospect worth investing time and energy into. Personable, when not rocking, they’re also proof that you don’t need to be an arrogant arse or tedious diva to get on in life. There is a whole lotta love for them at TheZineUK. Watching their organic rise, on merit, is a thing of beauty. Good things can happen to good people.

Part of our uniqulture since we started, Nova Twins are key to what is happening right here, right now, away from the hostile world on the news where crapitalism attempts to close down social inclusion’s uniting spaces, our music venues and youth centres.

No laughing, no playing, no dancing, no rhyming, no rocking, no raving, no jumping, no loving.

No way.

Step away from the mainstream.

Step on. Welcome to the under radar Do It / Dig It Yourself parallel dimension.

Hospitality, not hostility, is a chosen way of ArtBeat life.

Despite the gentrification and austerity ridden age, the above mentioned venues are home to new excitements.

To the interested music fan, there is a noticeable rise in new, career worthy stars and have seen the return of the (guitar-wielding) Jedi – over the last few years, especially. 

Why waste time dividing, and punching each other, when we can unite and punch the air in sheer unbridled joy?!

Embrace the nations Hit Girls, Nova Twins, and find a whole new world.

Rock and Roll (a way of life whose patron saints include Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Robert Johnson), is speeding up (r) evolution just as the knuckledraggers slo-mo back away from conscience and courtesy.

It’s never been more vital for the Grime and Punk revolutions of the disunited queendom to gift the united KINdom of the hearts with arts. Pictured; Nova Twins at the Some Might Say (newer wave music media and events promotions by another young up and comer of the new music industrious, Sahera Walker).

We are from every background, with ideas and possibilities in the foreground. Born out of this, ‘Hit Girl’ is timely, sharp, sassy, classy and importantly, a well crafted and impactive potential HIT song. In a parallel dimension where musical love playing instruments is not banned from mainstream day time television, Nova Twins are sparkling in the Newer Wave Charts.

NuBritz at The Brits anyone?

National press attention, International MTV events, wicked support slots (below – killing it as special guests of HO99O9 last year), Nova Twins have earned and deserve it all. And more. If ‘Hit Girl’ action is your thing, come let this band take you out.

More ‘Hit Girl‘ action:

Online  at Nova Twins Facebook and on land; 24 May headline show at The Victoria in East London.

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