“Shake It” with Feral Five

When we’re excited, pleased or happy, we like to “high five”. When we break from the norms and recondition stimuli we are called a rebel or feral. What about when you have a powerful duo named Feral Five? Expect music that is going to push you out of your comfort zone, in order to re-tune the senses and open up the possibilities required to reach this level of creativity. A level of creativity, that Kat and Drew execute consistently and effortlessly. At least, they make it seem so easy. 

Feral Five are back with their latest self-produced single “Shake It” (Which Zine UK Radio Fave John Kennedy recently premiered on his Radio X show!). They’re not just blending the old with the new, they’re seeking unknown places, techniques and ideas to take their creativity to the furthest depths possible. You’ve got the rocking guitar riff, with the synth and electro sound weaved in. It’s a rock song of the future! This song is about control (or lack thereof) but it’s also about pandemonium, chaos and making sense of that chaos to find the order. It reminds me of the unconventional maxim: “There’s a method in the madness”. If you never try to colour outside of the lines, how can one know their true potential and surpass that potential? Quite the message with a groovy rhythm and melody as the backdrop. 

Feral Five just completed a knock out set at CroCroLand on the 6thApril. They previously brought the lights and the electricity to the Concorde 2 in Brighton, when they supported Black Grape and on May 11th you can catch them at the Hope and Anchor courtesy of promoters “Loud Women” Tickets here.

Next time you’re in doubt, totally out of your comfort zone doing something new, simply shake it. Shake it, is the eloquent alternative to the phrase “fuck it”. I reckon it can catch on!

Shake It is out on all good streaming platforms on Friday 26th April.

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