SOMA Festival London Brighton 2019

SOMA Festival 2019 – line up, times and tickets… Act Fast, Laugh/Dance Hard! In Case You Missed It, Britain Ireland has a swelling new music industry; artist led, DIY supported/documented, diverse, sussed, ambitious and already proven to connect and raise profiles. This Fertile Environment is, most of all, fun. Join in over the Easter Band Holiday, April on Saturday 20th London and Sunday 21st, Brighton. FFO Rock, Indie, Alternative, Britpop and star shaped, anthemic live charisma. After party until 2am.

SOMA Festival 2019 – some of the very best and buzziest bands!

Modern Age Music hit the ground running at the end of 2017, they’ve expanded to official festival stages, co-promotions, collaborations and repping major shows in the short while since. Interdependence works. 2018’s debut SOMA festival at Chelsea’s Finborough Arms sold out. Congratulations to Modern Age James Bohrsmann and Brandon Wright.

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans with Brandon of Modern Age, 2019

Having started this year with a “2019 Ones To Watch” event in Central London. Modern Age are on a roll.

This year’s SOMA Festival (three venues in total) is on “last tickets” at time of writing. Not surprising, really, when there are quite a few bands on the bill that will be worth the ticket price, all by themselves, in the not too distant future.

Affordable All Acclaimed Action goes up to 11 (£, incl booking fee) per day or £15 weekend. 18+ events:

“Big new bands in small independent venues, that’s what Soma is all about. Every band on the bill is hand-picked. We had hundreds of applications and have curated something we’re really proud of, and it’s all for £10.

Expect to see the underground music scene out in force, an inclusive atmosphere, and loads of amazing new talent.

Some of these acts won’t be playing 100-cap venues for much longer, so expect it to get sweaty, loud and don’t be surprised if you find your favourite new band!”

James, Modern Age Music.

No hype, just belief. London stage times for Saturday at The Troubadour and nearby Finborough Arms, are below.

Come early. For instance, The C33s are a psyche rock groove with such a classic debut single newly unleashed – ‘Manic Depression’ – that they’ve just been confirmed for tour dates at big venues with CABBAGE, been played on BBC Radio 1/6 Music and got a single deal with These Bloody Thieves Records. For a band that played their first gig in October (Jimmy’s Manchester) that’s a strong start. They really won firm (and frolicking) fans at our December party and return to London as part of the first UK tour.

The C33s photographed by Trust A Fox

Artists coming from all over. With what’s happening in The Midlands Madlands right now, having ring leaders like The Pagans S.O.H. (playing their first London gig) and The Novus (stealthily going stellar) on the same bill is impressive. Poptastic rockers, Arcades, grace the Brighton show on Sunday. Get up close, they’re all infectious.

Al Moses, Drusila, Suspects, The Garage Flowers and Penny Mob are another handful of names that seem to (rightly) be everywhere with music lovers in the know. Come all day, all weekend, and find new favourites and friends. The atmosphere created by newer wave gatherings is pure escapism to 60s/70s vibes, so Chelsea and Brighton are psychedelic perfection as locations.

With MOSES, The Velvet Hands and SONS headlining, Modern Age have grabbed three sparkling facets of Britain’s rising guitar scenes. All trade in tune-first rock’n’roll classic sounds to punch the air, sing along and jump around to. They’re all cast members of TheZineUK doc story, so this weekend feels like a step to next things. MOSES fuse rockstar noise pop energy that’s attracting global attention, The Velvet Hands are modernistic punk tarts (who are supporting Paul Weller this summer) and SONS bring raucous grunge power at decibels. They are all mainstream radio tips/fan favourites with outrageously impressed feedback from the bloggeratti and audiences alike.

So, then SOMA FESTIVAL 2019 – great new bands, start to finish, those Saturday London stage times in full.

Earls Court tube station. Click here for Map of both venues.

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