Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes End Of Suffering: Review

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are back with their highly anticipated third album, ‘End Of Suffering’. Named after the Buddhist term for enlightenment, the album was recorded in just over 6 months and is made up of 12 tracks, with 3 singles already released, ‘Crowbar’, ‘Anxiety,’ and ‘Kitty Sucker’.

The album starts with scorched ballad, ‘Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider’.Opening with a strong and regular beat, the song demonstrates Frank Carter’s soulful vocals and a different side to the band, with the track building throughout before reaching a heavy breakdown. But even with this sudden guitar intermission it still remains an effective narrative and a perfect opener to the album. 

A couple of weeks ago, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes headlined Jack Saunders Hopscotch gig under the synonym, ‘Tyrant Lizard King’, which is the name of the second track on their new album.  

Fans were also treated to being amongst some of the first to hear this played live and it went down a treat. The tracks catchy chorus and smooth guitar rifts caused mosh pits left, right, and centre, promising that this is going to be a hit song to play at future gigs. 

Heartbreaker brings back reminiscent on previous albums, with it’s fast-paced beat and lyric-focused chorus, it has an unexpected breakdown, taking the track down to just Frank’s isolated vocals with a quiet guitar backing before jumping straight back into the heavy chorus, (Can already picture the circle pits that will be forming to this song).  

The albums lead single ‘Crowbar’, features distorted and almost fuzzy guitars that create a robot/machine like vision, which is furthered emphasised in the fan featured music video. It’s riot making lyrics are filled with blood-pumping anger, as Frank spits out the song, his fight back to any attempt there may be to control him. 

‘Kitty Sucker’, the last single from the album before it’s release, is the bands true sound, through and through. It’s fast paced, almost spoken word style lyrics, create a whirlwind of energy that fans love, as Frank yells out, ‘Star-crossed motherfucker, greatest ever kitty sucker!”

Kitty Sucker, Released April 30th.

The album ends with its title track, ‘The End of Suffering’, a stripped back, acoustic ballad, with just simple but haunting piano notes and a warming guitar accompanying Frank Carter, creating a huge emphasis on the emotional lyrics and a genuine appreciation for the singers truly talented vocals. The album comes to a close with a sample of a conversation between Frank and his child, in a moving and poignant moment that ties in together the meaning behind the song and creates a lovely ending to a great album. 

The End of Suffering shows a true variation in sound throughout the album and it is refreshing to see a band experiment and also grow with their music. It’s grunge seared lullabies tied in with it’s rough, punk-esque edge demonstrates the band’s maturity throughout their time together but also appeases fans with the fact they haven’t forgotten their roots and they still truly are, Frank Carter & The fucking Rattlesnakes.

End of Suffering is out 3rd May, via International Death Cult.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes playing a secret show at The Sebright Arms last night, courtesy of Jack Saunders (all photos were taken on film) 🤘🏻🐍💚

Posted by Bailey. on Wednesday, 24 April 2019
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